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Summer Glau = Ninja

February 17, 2008

summerninja.jpgI’ve been getting a lot of hits recently from readers finding my blog by typing in the search engine term “Summer Glau.” I have made one post about Summer Glau (make that two now) — the actress of Firefly and Serenity, and now appearing in Fox’s Terminator: The Sara Connor Chronicles. Recently, Ms. Glau has replaced the long standing number one search engine term “ninja” as the front runner as to what subjects are bringing people to my site. Though “ninja” is till the overall champion. I’m not sure Summer Glau enthusiasts are exactly finding what they’re looking for when they visit my site, but I welcome the traffic none-the-less.

The same goes for visitors that come by looking for ninjas — I’m sure Ninja Bandito isn’t exactly what they had in mind, but I appreciate the exposure. But that got me thinking… Maybe I should do a web site dedicated to Summer Glau as a ninja.

Oh, and if this post brought you here looking for some juicy good Summer Glau content and you feel gyped, I apologize.

Free Ninja Bandito Preview

January 24, 2008

Of all of the search engine terms that bring traffic to my blog, none compare to the frequency in which “ninja” shows up. The people love their ninjas. It appears that it is my Ninja Bandito that is the “siren” attracting all of the visitors.

And while I appreciate all of the traffic that comes by in regards to the term “ninja” it doesn’t appear to be really generating any click-through traffic towards purchasing copies of the Ninja Bandito Preview. By no means am I giving up on my little masked sombrero wearing friend, but since (the host of this here blog) has graciously offered additional free space for file storage I thought I’d go ahead and offer the Ninja Bandito Preview online for free. The thumbnails below link to the individual pages.

nb0-frontcover.jpg nb0-ifc.jpg nb0-page01.jpg nb0-page02.jpg

nb0-page03.jpg nb0-page04.jpg nb0-page05.jpg nb0-page06.jpg

nb0-page07.jpg nb0-page08.jpg

But please remember, you can always purchase a tangible hard copy of the Ninja Bandito Preview at It’s cheap. Just throw it on top of your order when you get any number of the other titles that are offered there. Maybe the Ninja Bandito needs his own web comic. And if there are any publishers or animation producers looking for a fun and unique property, by all means, drop me a line. Domo arigato, amigo.

Ninja Bandito Preview Available At Indy Planet

November 28, 2007

nb0-frontcover170.jpgThe Ninja Bandito Preview comic book is now available at Indy Planet! As of today, you can purchase your own copy of the Ninja Bandito Preview — created and written by yours truly and with art by Dustin Evans — for only $2.00.

In a far off land of dichotomy and danger exists a man of mystery. An amalgam unto himself, he is a product of chaos and order… The eye of the storm. He wanders the land on a quest to successfully prevail over a myriad of trials and tribulations set forth before him. but by whom? Forever in search for the answer to a question he does not know, he is interwoven with the fabric of chaos verses law, good versus evil. He is the… Ninja Bandito. The Ninja Bandito Preview issue offers an introduction to an all-new adventure hero, and sets the stage for a job that the Ninja Bandito cannot refuse. It makes a great stocking stuffer for the ninjas and/or banditos on your list. Domo arigato, amigo.


Ninja Bandito Preview Comic Available

October 29, 2007

ninjabanditocover100.gifYou’ve read about me hyping up my creation Ninja Bandito. Now is your chance to check it out for yourself. I’ve got a limited amount of copies of the special Ninja Bandito Preview available for sale. I had a number of copies printed up to show off to the big-time Hollywood-types and I’ve got a handful left over. For $5.00 I’m offering a copy of the digest-sized 8-page preview — written by yours truly with art by Dustin Evans — and a couple of Ninja Bandito stickers. I put a PayPal Buy Now button on the Ninja Bandito web site. (I couldn’t figure out how to work with the code on this site to just slap one here.)

Just head on over, click to buy, and you’re all set. I’m not sure if I’ll have this version of the preview available in the future. And, if you want it signed let me know via an email. Quantities are limited (real limited), so they might go quick. If you don’t act fast you might end up kicking yourself when Ninja Bandito is a mega-hit. Thanks. Fixed

September 11, 2007

Hey gang… It looked like there was a little annoying glitch over at the site. Not that there’s a lot there right now, but it’s fixed now (I hope). But there is Ninja Bandito news coming soon. Stay tuned.

March 22, 2007

Did a little work on the website last night — a sort of very early preview of what’s to come. Please check it out and help support the Ninja Bandtio! Domo arigato, amigo.


Ninja Bandito Stickers Now Available!

February 15, 2007

webnbstickerimage.gifKonnichi wa amigos! The Ninja Bandito Stickers are now available! You can help support the Ninja Bandito movement by purchasing a 3-Pack of stickers for just $2.00. These snazzy black, white and red stickers of durable vinyl are perfect to adhere to just about anywhere. And by displaying a Ninja Bandito sticker now before the rest of the kids on your block you’ll have bragging rights about how you were there from the very beginning. Your support today ensures more Ninja Bandito tomorrow.

To purchase your Ninja Bandito Sticker 3-Pack just head on over to Viva el Ninja Bandito!

T-Shirt Tuesday: Ninja Bandito

January 23, 2007

I’m starting something new this Tuesday — a little shameless self-promotion and and an attempt to drum up some support for my various projects (the ones on the front burners as well as those off to the side) in the works. I’m not sure if it’ll happen every Tuesday, but Tuesdays will be the days that you can expect to find T-Shirt Tuesday here at the ol’ blog. What it will be is a showcase for various t-shirts and the like that I’m offering at my CafePress store GeekPunk Gear. Like I said — shameless self-promotion.

tshirt_ninjabandito1.jpgFirst up… The Ninja Bandito T-Shirt. The perfect shirt for Ninjas and/or Banditos. Fresh from the creative endeavors of artist Dustin Evans and yours truly, the Ninja Bandito is sure to take the world by storm. Be the first on your block sport this snappy tee and rightfully claim that you were with the Ninja Bandito from the very beginning. Additional Ninja Bandito swag is available. Domo arigato, amigo.

Ladies and Gentlemen… The Ninja Bandito!

January 16, 2007


I couldn’t hold out any longer — here’s the big reveal… Ninja Bandito! This is a character concept that I’ve been kicking around for some time. Then I asked artist Dustin Evans if he’d be game on giving a little Ninja Bandito character design a try — and voila!

Dustin did a bang-up job — inspiring me to do much more with the character than originally planned. Exactly what are the new plans for Ninja Bandito? There will be a web site — Ninja Bandito has a myspace page. And, I’m trying a few test products out at cafepress. This is all just the beginning leading to… Ninja Bandito: The Comic Book! Stay tuned.

UPDATED: Free Ninja Bandito Preview available here.