Free Ninja Bandito Preview

Of all of the search engine terms that bring traffic to my blog, none compare to the frequency in which “ninja” shows up. The people love their ninjas. It appears that it is my Ninja Bandito that is the “siren” attracting all of the visitors.

And while I appreciate all of the traffic that comes by in regards to the term “ninja” it doesn’t appear to be really generating any click-through traffic towards purchasing copies of the Ninja Bandito Preview. By no means am I giving up on my little masked sombrero wearing friend, but since (the host of this here blog) has graciously offered additional free space for file storage I thought I’d go ahead and offer the Ninja Bandito Preview online for free. The thumbnails below link to the individual pages.

nb0-frontcover.jpg nb0-ifc.jpg nb0-page01.jpg nb0-page02.jpg

nb0-page03.jpg nb0-page04.jpg nb0-page05.jpg nb0-page06.jpg

nb0-page07.jpg nb0-page08.jpg

But please remember, you can always purchase a tangible hard copy of the Ninja Bandito Preview at It’s cheap. Just throw it on top of your order when you get any number of the other titles that are offered there. Maybe the Ninja Bandito needs his own web comic. And if there are any publishers or animation producers looking for a fun and unique property, by all means, drop me a line. Domo arigato, amigo.


4 Responses to “Free Ninja Bandito Preview”

  1. JoeKinski Says:

    You know, if Katie and I were publishers … you’d have had a deal a long time ago. Ha! (With our fingers crossed that someone does pick you up!)

  2. Marco Milone Says:

    I didn’t know Ninja Bandito. Thanks!
    Marco Milone

  3. INSULINFUNK » Preview Ninja Bandito Says:

    […] Baylor offers a preview of his new comic, Ninja Bandito, via this blog. Written by Wesley Johnson on 01.30.08 Posted in: Comics […]

  4. Beau Smith Says:


    Great and fun stuff! It’s like animation on the printed page. I wish you all the best with it and hope you grab a bunch of eyeballs.

    Your amigo,


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