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March 22, 2007

Did a little work on the website last night — a sort of very early preview of what’s to come. Please check it out and help support the Ninja Bandtio! Domo arigato, amigo.


Hero By Night — Today!

March 21, 2007

0_th1.jpgFriend, occational collaborator, and co-conspirator, D.J. Coffman has a new comic book dropping today — Hero by Night.

When Jack King finds the lair of a vanished superhero in his apartment building, he decides to auction off some of the memorabilia. But Jack’s efforts to cash in attract the attention of the hero’s arch-enemy — a villain even the Hero By Night couldn’t destroy! Story and art by D.J. Coffman and color by Jason Embur.

Having known D.J. for a number of years now, it’s great to see him land on comic book shelves with a project like this — even if the sonovabitch didn’t float me a copy at Wizard World L.A. But I’ve got no problem dropping my hard-earned cash on a Coffman title — and neither should you.

Wizard World Los Angeles 2007

March 14, 2007

Well they may have just announced that David Arquette is making a special appearance at Wizard World Los Angeles this weekend, but there’s even more news… I’ll be at Wizard World Los Angeles as well!

IDW Publishing will have a booth (#715) at the show which will run Friday thru Sunday — March 16, 17, 18. I’m even scheduled to do signings on Friday from 3:00 Pm to 4:00 Pm, so bring your copies of (Super) Hero Happy Hour! And who knows…? Since I’m still not recovered from be flu bug that intensified from my trip to Wondercon earlier this month, and has been kicking my ass ever since, this may be your last opportunity to get your copies of Hero Happy Hour signed — this show may very well kill me. Then you can put them up on eBay and cash in on the riches.

So if you’re in the L.A. area and comic books are your thing, check out the show and come by and say “hey.”

T-Shirt Tuesday: Hideout Bar And Grill

March 13, 2007

hideouttshirt.jpgBack when I first published the comic book (Then Super) Hero Happy Hour I produced promotional t-shirts that advertised the fictional bar in which the comic book takes place. They were a big hit and my limited stock disappered quickly. So I came up with a new Hideout Bar & Grill T-Shirt. They’re not solid black like the previous run (I just can’t seem to figure out how to format the original image to print on a black t-shirt), but features a new “retro” oval design (which you can see below). I’ll work on making more Hideout Bar & Grill wear available as well. I guarantee you — if I see you wearing this t-shirt in a bar I will buy you a drink.


What? No Room Left On The Klingon High Council?

March 11, 2007

Having recently just finnishing (no pun intended) editing duties on the first issue of Star Trek: Klingons: Blood Will Tell — in which we have a Klingon-language edition — I thought this was rather… Let’s say “interesting.”

Finnish MP seeks votes in Klingon

HELSINKI (Reuters)  — A Finnish member of parliament is aiming for re-election by campaigning with a translation of his Web site into Klingon, used in the TV series Star Trek.

“Some have thought it is blasphemy to mix politics and Klingon,” said Jyrki Kasvi, an ardent Trekkie. “Others say it is good if politicians can laugh at themselves.”

He said his politics posed some translation difficulties, since Klingon does not have words for matters such as tolerance, or for many colours, including green — the party under whose banner he is running in the national elections on March 18.

Non-warriors can also access the site,, in English, Swedish and Finnish.

Long Overdue Post

March 10, 2007

For those of you that may have been concerned (meaning my mom), I am still alive. Though, over the last few days I’ve felt like death warmed over. I went ahead and caught myself the flu bug. I had a cold before I left for Wondercon in San Fransisco last week, but thought I shook it. Instead I ended up getting even more sick. The last few weeks have been busy and stressful — which would explain the lack of posts and my general feeling like crud.

So I’m currently lying in bed with the laptop (on a nifty bed tray that I found at Target last month), catching up on seasons three and four of Star Trek: Enterprise, with a chance to catch up on my blog.

Let’s see… My name came up on a few sites over the last month — namely in regards to IDW’s Star Trek comic books.

Even though I ended up getting a nasty bug, Wondercon went relatively well. You can catch up on the ever-so-exciting panel I held with Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Space Between writer David Tischman at Wondercon ’07: IDW Panel — unless you were one of the fifteen people in attendance for the panel (or the guy that was asleep in the first row and missed everything).

In non-work or Star Trek comic related news… Spring training officially got underway and my Angels got off to a good start and are currently 7 and 4 as I type this.

There’s still no sign of Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip returning to NBC any time soon. And speaking of my favorite television shows — I think Scrubs may have run its course. While there have been some really strong episodes this season there has also been a “musical” episode, a “flashback” episode, and the last episode had a lame fart gag. As much as it pains me to say… Maybe it’s time to pull the plug rather than limp along on life support.

With the few moments that I’m awake when I’m not at work and commuting I’ve been working on a couple of side projects and will hopefully have something to show off soon — including Hero Happy Hour.

Alright, rather than add anything else to this hodgepodge of a post I’ll cut it short and hopefully follow it up with a string of substantial posts. Until then…