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Are YOU Ready For Football?

September 4, 2008

I’m not. The official kickoff of the NFL season is at 4:00 PM Pacific (right after Ellen on NBC — now that’s a double-feature). I’m still wrapped up in Major League Baseball — especially my Angels, whose “magic number” to win the division is only seven with twenty-four games left to play. And, I hope to still be wrapped up in baseball through the post season as my Angels go on and win the World Series. As long as the baseball season is going on I won’t fully be into the 2008 NFL season.

That won’t stop me from enjoying games (and beer) on Sundays with friends, as well as keeping up with my football team — the San Francisco 49ers (yes, still), who ESPN currently ranks at 29 out of the 32 teams. And, I am of course, once again playing fantasy football this season in two leagues — my keeper league (that I’ve been playing in for three seasons) and my “big-money” league.

But, I will have the Redskins/Giants game on in the background this afternoon/evening as I work. The Angels had a day game today.

Go Ahead, Brett. You Earned It.

March 4, 2008

brettfavre.jpgAfter seventeen years in the NFL, the durable and gritty Green Bay Packers quarterback, Brett Favre, is hanging it up. Any fan of sports and/or football cannot help but be impressed by Favre’s long career — an era of greatness. Even as a San Francisco 49er fan — with a history of great quarterbacks like Joe Montana and Steve Young — I can’t help but admire the sportsmanship and drive of the three time MVP winner, as well as obtaining numerous passing records. As the football seasons came to an end the last couple of years, the question of whether Favre would continue for another season always seemed to surface. Though, after a renaissance-like season last year it seemed like he would be returning for at least one more season. That’s not the case.

Brett Favre is leaving the NFL with a number of passing records under his belt. Last season alone he set the record for touchdown passes at 442, most passing yards at 61,655, wins by a starting quarterback at 160, and then there is the most interceptions at 288. Favre also took the Packers to two back-to-back Super Bowls in ’96 and ’97 — winning the first of the two. He was also named to no less than nine Pro Bowls.

It’s going to take some getting used to someone else in the QB position for Green Bay, whoever it might be. Aaron Rodgers? Craig Nall?

Feburary 3rd – Deja Vu – December 30th

January 21, 2008

Damnit. I was really hoping to see Brett Farve and the Greenbay Packers face off against “pretty boy” Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. I like Farve. I’m not particularly a Greenbay fan — but I like Farve. I don’t like Tom Brady, and I don’t like the New England Patriots. So, by default, I’m backing the New England Giants come Super Bowl Sunday. But, I’m thinking that the “big game” might very well play out quite similar to the last regular game of the season between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants.

Sure, Brady has had quite a season. He threw an NFL-record 50 touchdowns in the regular season and led New England to another NFL-record of scoring 589 points. But, I just can’t buy the fact that he’s the game’s greatest quarterback ever. I know New England came back from a 12 point deficit to beat the Giants in their previous match-up with the final score being 38 to 35. I’m not sure we’ll have the same sort of high-scoring game two weeks from yesterday, but I feel the game will look quite similar the the December 30th meeting.

So, come Super Bowl Sunday I ‘ll be looking forward to hanging out with friends and catching the new commercials that often prove to be more entertaining than the end-all-be-all sporting event.

2007 Kickoff Fantastic

September 6, 2007

The NFL regular season starts tonight, and with that, so do my two fantasy football leagues. Both leagues are leagues in which I participated in last year — one of them a keeper league that I ended up in second place at the end of the season (even if I was kicking ass throughout the regular season). Here are the two rosters that I’ve got going for me this season…

small_greyops.jpgGREY OPS (Formally the 17th Street Knights — Keeper League) Quarterbacks: Carson Palmer (CIN), Alex Smith (SFO), Matt Leinart (ARI); Running Backs: Ladell Betts* (WAS), Warrick Dunn (ATL), Jamal Lewis* (CLE), LenDale White (RB); Wide Receivers: Jerricho Cotchery (NYJ), Chad Johnson (CIN), Reggie Wayne (IND); Tight Ends: Dallas Clark* (IND), Randy McMichael (STL); Kickers: Nate Kaeding* (SDC), Neil Rackers* (ARI); Defenses: 49ers (SFO), Bears (CHI)

small_17thstreetknights.jpg 17TH STREET KNIGHTS (Formally Sacred Heart Scrubs — Big Money League) Quarterbacks: Peyton Manning (IND), Eli Manning (NYG); Running Backs: Ronnie Brown (MIA), Edgerrin James (ARI), Jamal Lewis* (CLE), Ladell Betts* (WAS); Wide Receivers: Steve Smith (CAR), T.J. Houscmandzadeh (CIN), Darrell Jackson (SFO); Tight Ends: Dallas Clark* (IND), Tony Gonzalez (KC); Kickers: Nate Kaeding* (SDC), Neil Rackers* (ARI); Defenses: Chargers (SD), Seahawks (SEA)

* Denotes same player on both teams in each league.

So they’re not bad squads. I’ve got a few high-light guys on each team. The Big Money League might have a breakout team that gets a jump on everybody — not sure if that’s my team. In the Keeper League I’ve got a number of strong returning players like Palmer, Johnson, and the Bears defense, and I’ve got a few extra quarterbacks that are starting to come into their own for possible trades if needed (or if Palmer goes down). It should be an interesting season.