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Josh Medors Benefit Auction At Emerald City Comic Con

April 24, 2008

April 23rd 2008 (Berkeley, CA) – Unknown to the general public, Frank Frazetta’s Swamp Demon/Runes of Ragnan/Willow Creek/G I Joe/30 Days of Night artist Josh Medors has been fighting cancer for the past several months and Image Comics and Frazetta Comics have stepped in organize an auction to benefiting Josh in his time of need.

“Josh is a good friend, father and artist. With the support from the comic industry that he loves so dearly, we can all help with costly medical bills and ease his pain just a little would be most appreciated.,” said Frazetta Comics Editor/Artist Jay Fotos. “We are under a crunch, for the show is just a few weeks away, so anyone that would like to donate please contact me as soon as you can so we can get your donations there for the auction in time, we are also taking PayPal donations as well that go directly to Josh.”

Many of the industry’s finest are donating items to auction, including Frank Frazetta himself. Any other creators interested in donating are encouraged to contact Jay Fotos at

PayPal donations can be made to Josh’s account,

The Josh Medors Benefit Auction will take place Saturday, May 10th at the Emerald City Comic Con.

Contributors thus far…

  • Frank Frazetta
  • Jerry Beck
  • Brian Haberlin
  • Tom Beland
  • Mark Kidwell
  • Todd McFarlane
  • Nat Jones
  • Peter Bergting
  • Richard Starkings
  • Steve Niles
  • Kody Chamberlain
  • Jay Fotos
  • Rick Remender
  • Christian Beranek
  • Ahmet Zappa
  • IDW Publishing
  • Zenescope Entertainment
  • Tony Moore
  • Mike Bullock
  • Andrew Mangum

On a personal note, Josh and I swim in some of the same circles within the comic book creator pond. I’m putting together a package of specially signed Hero Happy Hour issues signed by cover artists Scott Morse and Jim Mahfood to send off for the auction. Josh is good people and a great talent. He is, without a doubt, on my short-list of talents that I hope to work with. Just look at the examples below — and you can see more at or by clicking on the images below.

Get well, Josh.

Hero Happy Hour Up For Auction For Lea Hernandez

September 22, 2006

A few weeks back comic creator Lea Hernandez unfortunately lost her home and more to a fire. You can find the details here, as well as an update here. One of the great things about the comic book community — creators and fans alike — is the sense of family and the willingness to help one another out in time of need. Miss Hernandez loss is no exception. Jeffery LaJaunie has put together an auction to raise funds to help Lea and her family out. You can check out all of the items currently up for auction here, but there is one item in particular that I’d like to point out — Super Deluxe Hero Happy Hour signed by Dan Taylor!

There is also another item up for auction by my Hero Happy Hour co-conspirator, Chris Fason — Original Spider-Man sketch by Chris Fason!

So please check out the auction and find yourself a little something special while helping out a talented creator dealing with an unfortunate situation. Or, you can always donate funds directly via PayPal to Odds are if you’ve got a PayPal account you’ve got a couple bucks that you can spare. Thanks.