Ninja Bandito Preview Comic Available

ninjabanditocover100.gifYou’ve read about me hyping up my creation Ninja Bandito. Now is your chance to check it out for yourself. I’ve got a limited amount of copies of the special Ninja Bandito Preview available for sale. I had a number of copies printed up to show off to the big-time Hollywood-types and I’ve got a handful left over. For $5.00 I’m offering a copy of the digest-sized 8-page preview — written by yours truly with art by Dustin Evans — and a couple of Ninja Bandito stickers. I put a PayPal Buy Now button on the Ninja Bandito web site. (I couldn’t figure out how to work with the code on this site to just slap one here.)

Just head on over, click to buy, and you’re all set. I’m not sure if I’ll have this version of the preview available in the future. And, if you want it signed let me know via an email. Quantities are limited (real limited), so they might go quick. If you don’t act fast you might end up kicking yourself when Ninja Bandito is a mega-hit. Thanks.

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