T-Shirt Tuesday: Ninja Bandito

I’m starting something new this Tuesday — a little shameless self-promotion and and an attempt to drum up some support for my various projects (the ones on the front burners as well as those off to the side) in the works. I’m not sure if it’ll happen every Tuesday, but Tuesdays will be the days that you can expect to find T-Shirt Tuesday here at the ol’ blog. What it will be is a showcase for various t-shirts and the like that I’m offering at my CafePress store GeekPunk Gear. Like I said — shameless self-promotion.

tshirt_ninjabandito1.jpgFirst up… The Ninja Bandito T-Shirt. The perfect shirt for Ninjas and/or Banditos. Fresh from the creative endeavors of artist Dustin Evans and yours truly, the Ninja Bandito is sure to take the world by storm. Be the first on your block sport this snappy tee and rightfully claim that you were with the Ninja Bandito from the very beginning. Additional Ninja Bandito swag is available. Domo arigato, amigo.

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