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So Long 2008

December 31, 2008

Probably my last post of the year 2008 — which I’m not necessarily sorry to see it go. The last year was less than stellar in regards to my “writing career” and being able to support myself by doing just that — writing. Though, it was by far my most lucrative year as far as receiving checks for payment as a writer, just not enough to get by on.

The highlight of said “writing career” had to be when I got my first check from one of the “big two” comic book companies. In this case it was from DC for the Zuda entry Skullgoyle that I wrote. Of course, I had to split the payment with my collaborator, artist Daniel Thollin, but it was a thrill nonetheless to come home from my recently acquired day job to find the check waiting for me with the day’s mail.


Hopefully 2009 will be sprinkled with a few more checks as of the results of my writing endeavors. Mind you, I’m not particularly picky about having them all be from the “big two” either.

Upon having to admit defeat in my pursuits of writing for a living and having to land a regular civilian gig I sort of took a bit of a sabbatical from writing for the last two months of ’08. (Including posting somewhat regularly here.) There were a couple of setbacks besides just not finding enough work as a writer that sort of soured things for me (some of which I’ll cover later), but not enough for me to give up completely — I just needed a break.

With the new year comes new optimism. There are a few irons in the fire, and with any luck, I’ll be able to forge them into quality products that will see the light of day. So, here’s the deal, 2009… You do your best not to let me down, and I’ll do the same.

We’re Number Eight! We’re Number Eight!

November 8, 2008

I’m a little late with this post, but I just wanted to thank everyone that supported Skullgoyle during last month’s competition at Zuda. The competition was tough and made up with some high quality comics. Overall, I feel it was a worthwhile experience — as well as a worthwhile experiment with my first real true venture into the world of web comics.

We started the competition in ninth place after the first week of voting, and then settled into eighth place for the duration of the competition after the second week of voting. There was a lot of great support from friends and comic fans, and it was all greatly appreciated. Many readers knew exactly what we were gunning for I felt that I accomplished what I originally set out to achieve — win or lose.

A big thanks to my collaborator, artist Daniel Thollin who did a fantastic job with the script that I gave him. I fell he really nailed the mood and established all of the points I was hoping to achieve with what was essentially an introduction or set up for a much longer series of adventures with Victoria Valentine and her guardian — the Skullgoyle. Daniel was great to work with, and had we won, I feel it would’ve been a breeze to continue our Skullgoyle partnership and produce a weekly Skullgoyle serial. I hope to work with Daniel again, if not more Skullgoyle, then something else. In fact, we’ve already dipped our toes into the collaborative waters of another project. We’ll see.

Also, Stephen Lindsay did a great job with the lettering. In writing the script I had some specific lettering. Stephen had no problems handling the requests for tweaks here and there — and in the end, nailed exactly what I was looking for.

Hopefully Skullgoyle will once again soar and roar — somewhere, someplace, and in one form or another. Until then… Thanks again for the support.


Skullgoyle Needs Your Vote

October 21, 2008

Over at, week three ranking updates came out yesterday and they remained unchanged from week two — which means the comic that I and artist Daniel Thollin created, Skullgoyle, still remains in eighth place. (At least we moved up a rank from ninth in week two’s tally.)

Two reviews of Skullgoyle have popped up online. The Webcomic Witchfinder thinks “the writing is excellent” and “it’s a great little comic with a solid idea and an interesting treatment.” Even if he didn’t understand that we chose to go with black & white for a reason. And, the over at the ComicMix website they state “Skullgoyle has the feel of a solid, classic pulp adventure” and “As long as we get more of the big winged guy, we’re there!”

C’mon, faithful few readers of my blog… Practice now for the big election two weeks from today (those of you who are old enough to vote are going to vote, right?) and head over to and cast a vote (as well as giving five stars and making it a favorite) for Skullgoyle — a heroic hero for this Halloween season. Thank you for your support.

I’m Dan Taylor, and I endorse this message.

More Skullgoyle Campaigning

October 9, 2008

And, definitely not the last of it this month — trust me. If you’re email address happens to be in my Outlook address book you’ll probably be getting a similar email — or if you’re a friend of mine on, Facebook, or ComicSpace, you’ll probably be receiving a message that reads a lot like what you’re about to read below. I’ve got to really push to get Skullgoyle votes this month because the competition is insane.

Alright. If you’re familiar with, and you knew that I had a web comic in the running for October’s competition, then you knew that a pitch like this was inevitable.

Oh, wait… Hey! How you doin’? What’s new? Hope all is well with you. How about this weather? And the economy — what’s up with that?

Okay, back to the pitch.

Skullgoyle, written by yours truly, with art by Daniel Thollin, is currently in the midst of a tough as hell competition to decide the favorite web comic presented by Zuda for the month of October.

Cutting to the chase… I need your vote. This may very well be the toughest month of completion that Zuda has ever sponsored and our Skullgoyle is right in the thick of it. If you could sign on (register and then sign on if you’re already not a member) and cast your vote in Skullgoyle‘s direction I would be most appreciative — probably enough to buy you a drink, watch your kid, vouch for you to your significant other for any reason what-so-ever, send you a Christmas card this season, not bore you with my attending the first Lollapalooza story ever again, actually buy your next comic book that is published and not just say that I will (if you have comic being published), visit your blog (if you have one of those also) on a regular basis, be your best friend, and/or vote for your web comic when it’s in the running on

So, if you could do me the huge favor of voting for Skullgoyle I’ll owe you a solid. If you could do even the huger (that’s a word now) of spreading the word and convincing (or bribing) your friends and family to vote for Skullgoyle I’ll owe you a solid with the density of granite.

The direct link to Skullgoyle on Zuda is…

After my Angels losing to the Red Sox in the ALDS, my comic book being cancelled, and having to suck it up and go back to a regular Monday thru Friday 8 to 5 desk jockey job — my cat, Quint could use some cheering up.

So, if you have any questions — or just want to talk about our feelings (I’m here for you, man) — feel free to hit me back. Help me make my Mom proud. (My dad will still never read it.) I appreciate your support.

Skullgoyle Now Appearing At Zuda

October 7, 2008

A brand new web comic is premiering at this month written by yours truly with art by Daniel Thollin — Skullgoyle! But, that’s not all. The presidential race between Obama and McCain isn’t the only event this fall in which your vote plays a vital role. Skullgoyle needs your support and your vote!