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Irreconcilable Difference Engine

January 31, 2008

I’m about to do something that’ll make a lot of writers out there cringe (besides my misspellings and poorly structured sentences). I’m posting a premise that I have for a comic book mini-series. I’m just throwing it out there, rather than holding it close to my vest while I take the time to plot it out and give it the time that it deserves to be properly constructed into a compelling story. Why am I doing this? Because the subject matter of the story is rather time sensitive as it is my answer to the whole Spider-Man “One More Day” and “Brand New Day” storylines that shook the columns (and some say toppled) Spider-Fandom. Now, it’s not a “Spider-Man” story or piece of fan-fiction. It has nothing to do with the characters or stories of the Marvel Universe. It features original characters in a situation that deals with the nullifying of a long-standing relationship between two characters — one a super hero, one not. It’s called the…

Irreconcilable Difference Engine


The ultimate villain, MALEVOLENT, known to wreck havoc by tampering with the space time continuum, set’s out to destroy his greatest advisory, the world-beloved ultimate superhero, APEX, by setting in motion the destruction of the one thing that the hero holds above all else — his marriage to his wife YVONNE.


APEX was the world’s greatest superhero. For decades he protected and served the world in which he believed in… truth, justice, and the humane way. Although he was from another planet, he held true to these believes and with his great power felt it was his responsibility to champion their cause. That was up until the divorce…

While facing off against one of his longest standing foes, MALEVOLENT, APEX’s world is shattered when his wife of twenty years, YVONNE YOUNG-WHITE, suddenly files for divorce from WILL WHITE — APEX’s secret identity and alter ego. Now, APEX is thrust into the midst of two conflicts — each with forever life changing circumstances should he fail — saving the space time continuum from the destructive MALEVOLENT and surviving divorce. Both challenges promise to be downright dirty all-out brawls which will leave scars.

I’ve got no problem with the-powers-that-be wanting to make a super hero single again after being married for a substantial amount of years. But… it doesn’t have to be as simple as “devil magic.” Divorce can be ugly — I know. And even in a world of super powered individuals there’s room for “the ugly.” I really would’ve liked to have done this project. If I had a talented artist holed up in my closet to collaborate with I’d be all over it. But, I’ve got other irons in the fire right now and who knows how long it would take to find the artist to collaborate with. Some times you just have to let ’em go, right?

Feb Flix

January 30, 2008

With the beginning of the new year I resolved to see more movies while they’re in actual theatrical release, as opposed to waiting for (and often forgetting about) their DVD release. I “vowed” to see one film in January, Cloverfield — and I saw it. I’m 1 for 1.

Well, February has close to thirty movies hitting the big screens, and… There’s not a whole bunch jumping out at me to get me motivated to roll into the cineplex and shell out hard earned cash for overpriced admission, popcorn, and sodas.

I’ve got no interest in the McConaughey/Hudson romantic/comedy. I’ll pass on Martin Lawrence. A Paris Hilton flick that’s not shot in night-vision? No thank you. No on the Vince Vaughn masturbatory stand-up venture. I’ll also take a pass on the Ryan Reynolds tear-jerker, the street dancer sequel, and the flicks featuring Jack Black, Larry the Cable Guy, and Will Ferrell.

But, there might be two flicks in February that maybe — just maybe — will get me in the theater.

ra-jumper_teaser.jpgJumper (Feb 14) — A genetic anomaly allows a young man to teleport himself anywhere. He discovers this gift has existed for centuries and finds himself in a war that has been raging for thousands of years between “Jumpers” and those who have sworn to kill them.

The concept sounds like it can be an entertaining sci-fi adventure — it’s got that “comic book” vibe to it. So, theoretically it should be fun. But, it also has Hayden Christensen and Samuel L. Jackson. There’s enough bagging on the Star Wars prequels, so I’m not going to expand much on it here other than to say that I was less than impressed with Christensen in said films. And Sam (the mother effin’) Jackson — who was also in the same movies — seems to becoming closer and closer to a parody of himself. I don’t know… Maybe if there’s good word-of-mouth, like… The Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull teaser/trailer is running before the movie.

ra_diaryofthedead.jpgGeorge A. Romero’s Diary of the Dead (Feb 15) — A group of film students encounter real zombies when making a horror picture in the woods.

Like Cloverfield, this film is told through the lens of a hand-held camera — or so I understand. Now, I like zombie movies as much as the next guy, and when you have Romero at the helm you’ll get more than my passing interest. It’s being released with limited distribution, so location will play a big part as to whether or not I get out of the house to catch it. But, I’m catching a vibe that this might be a good kick it at home with a couple of beers flick to watch on DVD.

The final February prognosis — maybe, a big “maybe” — that’ll I’ll go see one, possibly two movies being released in February.

Probable and possible March flix — Doomsday and Run, Fatboy, Run (another lean month).

CBS Heads To The Great White North

January 29, 2008

cbslogo.jpgAccording to the Hollywood Reporter, CBS Paramount Network TV is going north of the border to work out a deal with Canada’s CTV to produce a minimum of 13 episodes of a new police drama entitled Flashpoint. The series is said to revolve around an urban Strategic Response Unit (SRU) — in other words, “a SWAT unit” — that busts gangs, defuse bombs, and rescue hostages.

Is exporting talent from outside of our borders the future for America television in light of the Writers Strike? Hardly, but it definitely isn’t a step in the direction of settling the matter between the writers and studios. And, I’ve got nothing against Canadian TV — I was hooked on Degrassi: The Next Generation for a number of seasons.

That’s exactly what we need, CBS, more police dramas! Admittedly the “SWAT” angle is a slight shift from the homicide investigation angle. And, it sounds like this show could kick the asses of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and/or NCIS in a softball game — but still, it’s another police drama. The big question is whether the show will have as much of a kick-ass theme song that the original S.W.A.T. TV show had back in the ’70s?

I did learn a new word however, reading the Hollywood Reporter story — “skein,” which means “a TV series,” as in “It is not known whether ABC will renew the skein for next season.” I’m one word closer to being a “Hollywood mover and shaker.”

Happy Birthday LEGO

January 28, 2008

Today marks the 50th birthday of the LEGO brick. For some reason I didn’t think that the “toy of the century” — as declared by by both Fortune Magazine in the US and the British Association of Toy Retailers — as being only a decade older than myself since I grew up playing with LEGO bricks. My friends and little brother would make scale representations of some of our favorite television shows including M*A*S*H*, Taxi, and Happy Days.

To celebrate the anniversary, LEGO is offering a commemorative re-issue of the Town Plan set

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the modern LEGO brick with this special-edition update of the classic Town Plan set! Completely redesigned with the best of modern bricks, details and design, the all-new Town Plan features a 1950s-style gas station with pumps, carwash and garage, a town hall with a newly-married couple, a movie theater with ticket booth, seats and posters, 2 automobiles, 8 minifigures, rare LEGO colors and elements, and more.

If I only had an extra $150.00.


Del Toro To Go There And Back Again?

January 28, 2008

hobbitbookcover.jpgThere’s no denying that Peter Jackson did an epic job with the cinematic adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy. But there has been some question as to who would be at the helm of the film version of the trilogy’s predecessor, The Hobbit. Well, it looks as if a director may be attached.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, and reported by Ain’t It Cool News, Guillermo del Toro is in talks to direct back-to-back installments of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, which is being co-financed by New Line and MGM. This is good news — I believe for long-time fans of the Middle Earth mythology as well as new fans that discvered the world with Jackson’s cinematic adaptation.

Of all of the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit is by far my favorite — and as awe-inspiring and wonderful The Lord of The Rings trilogy was, I am much more excited about the possible films based on the the trilogy’s “prequel.” And if Peter Jackson isn’t going to be the director, I think there’s no better choice than del Toro for the job — having directed such fantasy-fair as Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy.

Though it looks as if we still have to wait awhile before we see the adventures of Bilbo Baggins with principle photography not slatted to start until sometime next year and the two films scheduled to be released in 2010 and 2011.

Of course, I have found memories of the 1977 animated made-for-television endeavor by Rankin/Bass featuring the voice of Orson Bean as Bilbo and the late great John Huston as Gandalf…

Stir Crazy Cat

January 25, 2008

quint01.jpgNo, this isn’t a I Can Has Cheezburger? post, but since I don’t have any kids, I get to make little observations about my cat, Quint. It’s been pretty much raining consistently for the last three days or so. Quint is an indoor/outdoor cat — we leave the back sliding door open for him to come and go as he pleases. He generally hangs out in the house, but it’s great not having to deal with a litterbox. Well, since it has been raining so much — and it turns out that Quint isn’t a big fan of getting wet — he’s been spending even more time than usual inside, and I believe he is starting to go a little stir crazy.

I love the guy — he’s my best four-legged friend. But, I now have an idea of how parent and/or teachers feel when their kids have been cooped up for an extended amount of time. Quint kept me up for much of the night last night. Oh, he was all cozy and cuddly as we fell asleep watching my Seinfeld reruns, but in the middle of the night he decided that he had had enough of not being able to go outside. Mind you, no one was stopping him from going outside — the sliding door was open — he just didn’t want to go out in the rain, and he was sure to let me know. Nothing like having a paw repeatedly batted into your face from over the edge of the bed when you’re trying to sleep. That, and standing on my face to look out the window at the head of my bead, as well as playing a game of “let’s see how close to the edge the cat can push the full cup of water on the nightstand without it falling over” made for a less than refreshing night of sleep.

Of course, he’s out like a light right now as I type this. Okay, that’s enough cat talk — I’m starting to sound like single, middle-aged female office manager who’ll be posting about her knitting next.


Free Ninja Bandito Preview

January 24, 2008

Of all of the search engine terms that bring traffic to my blog, none compare to the frequency in which “ninja” shows up. The people love their ninjas. It appears that it is my Ninja Bandito that is the “siren” attracting all of the visitors.

And while I appreciate all of the traffic that comes by in regards to the term “ninja” it doesn’t appear to be really generating any click-through traffic towards purchasing copies of the Ninja Bandito Preview. By no means am I giving up on my little masked sombrero wearing friend, but since (the host of this here blog) has graciously offered additional free space for file storage I thought I’d go ahead and offer the Ninja Bandito Preview online for free. The thumbnails below link to the individual pages.

nb0-frontcover.jpg nb0-ifc.jpg nb0-page01.jpg nb0-page02.jpg

nb0-page03.jpg nb0-page04.jpg nb0-page05.jpg nb0-page06.jpg

nb0-page07.jpg nb0-page08.jpg

But please remember, you can always purchase a tangible hard copy of the Ninja Bandito Preview at It’s cheap. Just throw it on top of your order when you get any number of the other titles that are offered there. Maybe the Ninja Bandito needs his own web comic. And if there are any publishers or animation producers looking for a fun and unique property, by all means, drop me a line. Domo arigato, amigo.

Smart Casting

January 24, 2008

getsmart_poster.jpgWhen I was a kid I would watch hours of reruns of Get Smart on television when I stayed home sick from school. I may not have realized it then, but Mel Brooks and Buck Henry created comedic gold. Then in 198o I saw The Nude Bomb at the movies — okaaaaay, maybe not “gold.”Well, with Hollywood being Hollywood, it’s time (actually probably past due with Hollywood being Hollywood) to remake, retool, re-imagine Get Smart. When it comes to remakes, the list of misses probably well outnumbers the list of hits. “Classic TV” seems ripe for picking sure-fired cineplex winners, but it’s rarely the case. Though, it seems that Warner Bros may have a potential hit on their hands due to some very “smart” casting.

Steve Carell (of The Office and The 40 Year-Old Virgin fame) steps into the role of Agent 86, Maxwell Smart in the new Get Smart movie coming out in June. If anybody was placed on this planet to fill the late Don Adams’ phone-shoes, it has to be Carell. Just check out the teaser trailer.

But, Steve Carell isn’t the only smart casting in the new movie. While I’ve got no real opinion regarding the casting of Anne Hathaway since I missed out on The Princess Diaries movies. Alan Arkin as the Chief of Control — brilliant. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is likable. Terrance Stamp (General Zod from Richard Donner’s Superman movies) plays KAOS operative Siegfried (originally beautifully hammed-up by Bernie Kopell). I’m a Patrick Warburton fan, so I look forward to his cameo as Hymie — along with Bill Murray’s cameo.

Caution: Falling Ideas Ahead

January 23, 2008

Today, I’m typing away on one of the scripts that I’m working on — really on a role from a nugget of an idea that dropped into my brain late last night — when from out of nowhere a small meteor of an idea slams into me.

I didn’t want to get derailed and fall off track with the original nugget that I was rolling along into something bigger — like a rolling snowball growing in size. I was determined to stay the course and keep hammering away at the keyboard with what I had going. Then the title of new idea showered on me. Damnit.

I sidestepped away from the script that I was working on and plugged away at a quick pitch/plot of my new idea. The thing is, this new idea is really of a timely nature — and if I’m going to pull it off I’m going to have to pull it off soon. But, I’m really dedicated to seeing that the first fruition of my imagination gets her deserved attention.

So, other typing this quick entry to bitch about not only having to be committed to write everyday, but to be committed to what I’m currently in the middle of writing, I’m back to the script at hand. My new idea will have to wait — but not for too long.

Comic Books For 01-23-08

January 23, 2008

Alright, not another wallet purge this week. I’m starting to get used to a weekly Spider-Man comic.

  • DAN DARE #3 $2.99
  • SNAKED #2

I’ve been dying to see the finished product on the Star Trek Alien Spotlight: Borg since I saw some of artist Sean Murphy’s art early on.