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February 27, 2007

Hardly any posts this month and here I come with an excuse as to why I won’t be posting much else — this week at least. Thursday thru Sunday I’ll be at Wondercon in San Francisco. This will be my second time attending Wondercon. Saturday I will be conducting a panel and representing IDW. If you’re in the area this weekend and dig comics check it out.

Damn You, NBC!

February 26, 2007

studio60logo.gifWell, I for one, will not — I repeate — will not be viewing NBC tonight. Once again they’re dicking around with my new favorite program this season — Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip. As if the previous month-long hiatus earlier this season wasn’t insultling enough, the network has decided to indefinitely suspend airing Studio 60 in favor of trying the new program The Black Donnellys.

With my work schedule and commute, Studio 60 — and my girlfriend — were the only reasons that I made the effort not to fall asleep before 9:30. (I’m usually beat on Mondays since I tend to try to pack in as much as I can on the weekends.) Studio 60 is a damn good show — maybe too good for network television. Sure, it doesn’t “click” with everybody, but do we seriously need five hours of Deal Or No Deal a week? Of course, NBC is also the same network that cancelled Star Trek‘s initial run back in ’69, and currently toy with me every season regarding the fate of my current all-time favorite show, Scrubs.

If you’re reading this, please do me a favor.. Head over to and sign the petition for NBC to keep the program on the air. Thanks.

I now return you to mediocre television programming.

Shout Out To The Peeps!

February 22, 2007

peeps.jpgIf you know me, then you know that there are two things that I love about Spring — the start of another hopeful season for my Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim as they begin spring training and Peeps. I am not a big “sweets” kind of guy, but I do dig my marshmallow Peeps. Though they’ve got to be yellow chicks or bunnies that are available around Easter. I don’t do the pink peeps. I also don’t partake in any of the Valentine’s Day, Halloween, or Christmas season marshmallow Peeps. When it comes to my Peeps I’m a traditionalist — period.

I bought and devoured my first package of Peeps earlier this week. I’ll more than likely pick up a few more packages this weekend. But the real score comes the day after Easter when they’re on sale. That’s when I stock up for the year.

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Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Space Between #2

February 21, 2007

tng02-covb.jpgThe second issue of IDW Publishing‘s Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Space Between beams down to comic book store shelves today! Now, my opinion might be biased, but I think that that this issue is even better than issue #1. If you’re a fan Captain Picard you’ll dig this issue, entitled “Captain’s Pleasure.” We also have a number of supporting characters made up from a number of the “supporting” alien races–Andorian, Bajoran, Bolian…

Writer David Tischman’s “voice” of the characters has grown only stronger and Casey Maloney and Leondard O’Grady shine with art and colors. Be sure to check it out and let me know what you think.

Ninja Bandito Stickers Now Available!

February 15, 2007

webnbstickerimage.gifKonnichi wa amigos! The Ninja Bandito Stickers are now available! You can help support the Ninja Bandito movement by purchasing a 3-Pack of stickers for just $2.00. These snazzy black, white and red stickers of durable vinyl are perfect to adhere to just about anywhere. And by displaying a Ninja Bandito sticker now before the rest of the kids on your block you’ll have bragging rights about how you were there from the very beginning. Your support today ensures more Ninja Bandito tomorrow.

To purchase your Ninja Bandito Sticker 3-Pack just head on over to Viva el Ninja Bandito!

A Valentine Of Sorts — Cupid

February 14, 2007

Well, in honor of Valentine’s Day I climbed into the archives and pulled out a little labor of love from a long time ago. A number of years back — not really sure how many, maybe 12 or 15 years ago — I wrote a screenplay for a romantic/comedy/fantasy called Cupid. It was optioned for next to nothing for a few years and had a couple of nibbles, but never quite got reeled all the way in. Feel free to check out my Cupid Screenplay and let me know what you think. Who knows? Maybe I’ll find some time to update it and throw it back into the ring.

T-Shirt Tuesday: GeekPunk

February 13, 2007

tshirtgeekpunk.jpgAlright gang, I’m back with another t-shirt offering… the GeekPunk T-Shirt. Much like the Ninja Bandito T-Shirt, this snappy piece of apparel allows you to express two different sides of your persona — the “geek” and the “punk.” Now if you don’t fit in to either catagory you’re bound to know someone that does. And there’s more GeekPunk Gear — for guys, gals, and youngins. Be Geek! Be Punk! Be Proud!