Today Was Star Wars Day?

starwarslogoI woke up today to numerous greetings of “Happy Star Wars Day” — mostly all over Twitter. Did I miss something? Was there a geek meeting, or nerd memo circulated that I was unaware of? Now, I understand the pun of the reference in regards to today’s date and a line of dialog spoken throughout the Star Wars movies. Today was the fourth of May. “May the Force be with you” is uttered numerous times by various Star Wars characters. “May the fourth be with you” and “May the Force be with you”. Clever — kinda.

It has always been my assumption that May 25th was Star Wars Day — signifying the day that the first Star Wars movie was released in 1977.  Admittedly, “May the twenty-fifth be with” doesn’t quite sound very similar to Jedi mantra, but… “May the fourth be with you”? I don’t recall Obi-Wan Kenobi speaking with a lisp. And, I certainly don’t remember Cindy Brady being a member of the Jedi Council. But then again, maybe that’s how she managed to get Joe Namath to pay a visit to her “sick” brother, Bobby.

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3 Responses to “Today Was Star Wars Day?”

  1. bman Says:

    I was dumbfounded too. Although, about May 25th, apparently that was only May 25th 2007…

    Meh. Until I get a Star Wars Day greeting card, I don’t believe in it.

  2. (Best Show)Watch Says:


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  3. Freddy Says:

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