Summer Glau = Ninja

summerninja.jpgI’ve been getting a lot of hits recently from readers finding my blog by typing in the search engine term “Summer Glau.” I have made one post about Summer Glau (make that two now) — the actress of Firefly and Serenity, and now appearing in Fox’s Terminator: The Sara Connor Chronicles. Recently, Ms. Glau has replaced the long standing number one search engine term “ninja” as the front runner as to what subjects are bringing people to my site. Though “ninja” is till the overall champion. I’m not sure Summer Glau enthusiasts are exactly finding what they’re looking for when they visit my site, but I welcome the traffic none-the-less.

The same goes for visitors that come by looking for ninjas — I’m sure Ninja Bandito isn’t exactly what they had in mind, but I appreciate the exposure. But that got me thinking… Maybe I should do a web site dedicated to Summer Glau as a ninja.

Oh, and if this post brought you here looking for some juicy good Summer Glau content and you feel gyped, I apologize.


One Response to “Summer Glau = Ninja”

  1. Summer Glau Says:

    Thank you for the article

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