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SDCC08 Wrap-Up

July 29, 2008

The 2008 San Diego International Comic-Con has come and gone. Overall, I would have to say that this year has been one of the better pilgrimages to the ultimate hive of nerds and geekness. I offered up small updates during the con via Twitter via my cell phone — which I also tried to take and post pictures, but failed miserably. I was going to try to recap most of the events, exchanges, and encounters that I experienced during the five day excursion, but after a few days it’s already a little difficult to keep it all straight — so a quick condensed recap of my trip follows. (The reason why — alcohol or old age, you make the call.) My apologies to anybody or anything that I fail to mention.

Wednesday — For the first time I took the train down to San Diego. Living in Costa Mesa it’s usually about an hour and a half plus drive to San Diego — I know this because I commuted to San Diego from Costa Mesa, Monday thru Friday, five days a week, for the nearly three years that I worked as an editor with IDW. The whole train ride took about an hour and twenty minutes and I felt much more relaxed than I ever had when I was making that commute for work. Checked about getting my professional badge around two o’clock and had no problems — in and out in about five minutes. I bumped into Ragnar (a.k.a. Brandon Johnson) and his wife, Jill, and son, Oliver — and had my first beer of the con. Mmmmm… Sweet nectar. After settling into the condo — just about three small blocks from the convention center — I headed over for Preview Night. I first checked in at the IDW Publishing booth to catch up with the gang that I used to work with. I also tried to get a quick “feel of the land” of the con, but Preview Night seemed just about as busy as any other normal con day. I checked in with Matt Gagnon at the Boom! Studios booth to see how the Pulp Tales: Josh Medors Benefit Comic Book (that I edited) turned out — and it turned out real nice. Eventually, Lance and I ended up at the Hyatt bar where we had drinks until last call with the likes of Tony Lee and Jacen Burrows, to name but a few.

Thursday — This was my day for meetings with editors and publishers, and I managed to get most of them all accomplished. For the most part, I think most of them went rather well — even if they were short. Having been an editor at a con before I understand how every freelancer wants a piece of your time to pitch and schmooze for work. Hopefully, I left a good impression with those that I met with. My good friend Chris Kirby rolled into town and we had lunch with Kody Chamberlain (who apparently had the best con ever!). At night was the IDW Publishing/Circle of Confusion party at the Witherby. Free bar equals a lot of people. Again, more catching up with the IDW gang. Also, my conspirators on Pop! Darlings of America, Neil Kleid and Chris Moreno, and I discussed how we were going to take over the world while throwing back free booze.

Friday — All though I claimed that I’d be missing on all of the panels that I wanted to attend, I did manage to hit two of them today. First off was The Big Bang Theory panel. I was under the impression that they were going to show a new episode from the upcoming season, but instead they offered a clip reel of “nerd and geek” moments from the show that pertained to the “typical” comic-con attendee. Afterward the cast and creators of the show spoke at the panel. As much as I dig the show, I probably could’ve missed it. The other panel that I took in was the Boom! Studios panel where I learned more about their plans with the Muppets and Pixar properties — Mark Waid writing The Invicibles, it should and could be none other. Had lunch with Kirby and Lee (how cool does that sound) — Chris and Tony that is. More talk of conquering the world. My girlfriend, Katie, rolled in late in the afternoon and after dinner with our condo-mates Lance and Jamie, we were off to socialize over cocktails. More drinking with Neil Kleid, Tony Lee, Chris Kirby, Tony Fleecs, Jason Rodriquez, and many others. I didn’t make it to the Eisner Awards (I never do), but was glad to hear that my pal Chuck BB took home an award.

Saturday — Still waking up rather “okay” after three consecutive nights of cocktailing. Tried to do a little bit more of the convention show floor, but Saturday is generally not the day to attempt this — though it really didn’t seem much busier than any other day or preview night. More hanging out in and around the IDW booth — it was well located for a central meeting place. Took in the IDW Publishing panel where among such announcements as the continuation of Locke & Key by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriquez, Ben Templesmith’s Welcome to Hoxford, and Darwyn Cooke’s and Richard Stark’s Parker, my two series Pirat Tales: The Legend of the Cat O’ Nine Tails and Pop! Darlings of America were announced. After the panel Katie and I had a quick lunch with Neil Kleid, then it was back to the con for random chats and catching up with folks that I only seem to see or talk to at these shows. Saturday night was much the same as the previous three nights — fill with alcohol, rinse, and repeat — except with the edition of a large dose of The Transformers team from IDW, including Denton Tipton, Shane McCarthy, Chris Mowry, Marcelo Matere, Robby Musso, Klaus Scherwinski, and others.

Sunday — Katie and I got to the con shortly after it opened. Having completed all of my scheduled meetings and still fighting the urge to do any shopping, there wasn’t a lot that I had to do on the con-floor. Chatted it up with a few friends and colleagues. With little to do business or shopping wise Katie and I joined Chris Kirby for lunch at Joe’s Crab Shack. We took our time and avoided the chaos of the con.eturned to the con-floor for some last minute check ins with the IDW crew and others. We realized that we had to head out of dodge in order to catch the train back home, so I said my goodbyes and made my final escape from the San Diego Convention Center for 2008.K atie and I picked up our luggage at the condo we stayed at, then took a short trolley ride to the train station. About an hour later we we’re in a standing room only packed train-car with a herd of drunks from the Del Mar Racetrack.

I want to thank all of the editors, publishers, fellow creators, friends, and talent that I admire who took the time to chat with me over the course of the convention. Some of you can begin to expect my follow up emails as early as today. See you all next year.

IDW Announces Pirat Tales And Pop! Darlings Of America

July 28, 2008

At the IDW Publishing: Ideas and Dreams 2008 panel Saturday morning at the San Diego Comic-Con two titles that I am writing were announced — Pirat Tales: The Legend of the Cat O’ Nine Tails and Pop! Darlings of America. The announcement was tucked neatly within some other major announcements by IDW publisher Chris Ryall, including the Locke & Key ongoing by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriquez, Ben Templesmith announcing Welcome to Hoxford, and Darwyn Cooke announcing Richard Stark’s Parker.

Pirat Tales: The Legend of the Cat O’ Nine Tails is a swashbuckling tale of rats sailing the high seas aboard the vessel the Vile Vermin — under the command of the infamous Captain Blacktail. It’s a classic buccaneer tale featuring the story of a young mouse named Pip who is thrust into the adventure of his lifetime. Pirat Tales is created and written by myself, with fantastic art by Orlando Baez and stunning colors by Juan Mar.

Pop! Darlings of America is a twisted tabloid tale of Tinsel Town featuring three major players — the Pop Star, the Starlet, and the Heiress (you know who we’re eluding to), and the Publicist that keeps the spin on the three ring circus that is Hollywood. Pop! Darlings of America is created and written by Neil Kleid and myself, with Chris Moreno beautifully handling the art and featuring awesome covers by Ragnar.

It’s not every con that I attend that features an announcement from a publisher such as IDW that I have two new comic book series debuting on the horizon. It was a good day.