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Obama’s Victory

November 5, 2008


Well, Skullgoyle didn’t garnish enough votes to win last month’s Zuda competition, but Barack Obama did deservingly win last night’s election to become the first African American President Elect in United States’ history. Obama’s acceptance speech seemed a bit somber than his recent campaign speeches, yet it still rang with optimism for the country’s future — and I believe that’ll help make baseball, hot dogs and apple pie all that much better, as well as the other issues our country faces.

It feels good to wake up on the winning side after a major election. Good enough to make a post (albeit a short one) after a long absence from the blog.

I Back Barack

August 29, 2008

The one thing that I have not been on my blog (besides entertaining some may say) is political. But, now that the Democratic National Convention has come to a close and Barack Obama has delivered his acceptance speech as the Democratic nominee for the 2008 Presidential Campaign, I’m officially throwing it out to the interwebs that I support Barack Obama for president.

There probably won’t be many more posts of this nature from now until November 4th — this just isn’t that kind of blog. But I did want to state my support for Barack Obama. I voted for the candidate in the primary election, and his acceptance speech last night more than solidified my already solid decision in my candidate of choice.

So, that’s it. I’m not going to beat my visitors over their heads with why I think Obama is the right choice. I might throw up a banner with a link to or occasionally remind people to register to vote if they haven’t already, but that’s about it. I now return you to the regular nerdiness of this comic book writer’s blog.