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Phelps Out Of Water

September 14, 2008

Somewhere within the first half of the season premiere of Saturday Night Live a sketch was featured in which work associates uncomfortably endured the introduction to and subsequent entertainment by the “less than charismatic” children of their hosts. That skit would pretty much sum up the entire episode of the venerable late night “comedy” show’s thirty-fourth season kickoff.

I gave up on the show last night around 12:50 declaring to myself that I had just given up an hour and twenty minutes of my life that I was never going to get back. And, less than four and a half hours later I’m up blogging about the experience. I couldn’t sleep. I don’t know if it’s the cold that I’m trying to kick, or the bad aftertaste of SNL.

One element which seemed to help sink the episode was watching Michael Phelps try to tread water as the show’s host. But, you can’t blame Phelps for a bad show — he’s an American hero, an Olympic gold medal upon gold medal upon gold medal winning athlete. No, you have to blame his manager and/or agent for letting him do it — or making him do it. Phelps looked so uncomfortable throughout most of the show, like a fish out of water.

The show’s much anticipated opener featuring Tina Fey returning to portray Sarah Palin wasn’t bad as she tried to deliver a nonpartisan message with Hillary Clinton (Amy Poehler) regarding sexism wasn’t all that bad. And, I’ll admit that I chuckled at the “Cathy” sketch featuring Andy Samberg. But what the hell was that SNL Digital Short about the “Space Olympics” supposed to be? Funny or entertaining it wasn’t.

Hmmm… “Funny and entertaining it wasn’t.” Unfortunately that seems to sum up a majority of Saturday Night Live‘s efforts nowadays.