Ninja Bandito Preview Available At Indy Planet

nb0-frontcover170.jpgThe Ninja Bandito Preview comic book is now available at Indy Planet! As of today, you can purchase your own copy of the Ninja Bandito Preview — created and written by yours truly and with art by Dustin Evans — for only $2.00.

In a far off land of dichotomy and danger exists a man of mystery. An amalgam unto himself, he is a product of chaos and order… The eye of the storm. He wanders the land on a quest to successfully prevail over a myriad of trials and tribulations set forth before him. but by whom? Forever in search for the answer to a question he does not know, he is interwoven with the fabric of chaos verses law, good versus evil. He is the… Ninja Bandito. The Ninja Bandito Preview issue offers an introduction to an all-new adventure hero, and sets the stage for a job that the Ninja Bandito cannot refuse. It makes a great stocking stuffer for the ninjas and/or banditos on your list. Domo arigato, amigo.


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