Where The Hell Is Garndnerville?

The Town of Gardnerville was founded in 1879 by Lawrence Gilman of Genoa when he moved the Kent House from the Genoa area to a 7-acre tract of land on the East Fork of the Carson River. Gilman had purchased the land from a homesteader, John M. Gardner, in whose honor he named the new town.

Today, Gardnerville is a thriving community in the heart of the beautiful Carson Valley. Its location is ideal for both the nature lover and the more suburban at heart: The splendor of Lake Tahoe is just a short drive to the west and Reno is less than an hour north.

Gardnerville’s weather is pleasant throughout its distinctly different four seasons. Warm summer days with cool nights are balanced by the crisp chill of winter with an occasional light snowfall. Spring and fall provide tastes of each in perfect transition.

Gardnerville, Nevada also happens to be where my family lives — and where I will be until Monday. So, the ol’ blog continues to have infrequent updates. While I’m there I’ll be enjoying Mom’s cooking, Dad’s barbecuing, my brother’s carousing, and the occasional round or two of video poker and hands of blackjack.

But, if you’re reading this and we’re currently working on a project together, don’t think that I won’t be checking email and such. They even have the internet in Gardnerville.


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