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Season VIII: Return Of Scrubs

December 16, 2008

Alright, I’ll admit — even as a card-carrying die-hard fan — the seventh season of Scrubs didn’t necessarily end on the highest of notes. There were a few monkey wrenches thrown into the show’s gears last season. There was the writers’ strike, and there was the fact that NBC pretty much treated the program as an ugly red-headed step-child. (No offense to red-headed step-children that are clearly not ugly.)

But, in three weeks — a mere 21 days — Scrubs returns to the airwaves on their new network, ABC. Scrubs is, and has been for the past seven seasons, my favorite television show, and I am eagerly awaiting its return. Sure, I’ve got six of the last seven seasons on DVD (had to leave a gift option open for Christmas), and I know when and where to find syndicated reruns enabling me to watch it up to five times a day on Comedy Central, WGN, and KCAL. But, the anticipation of an all-new eighth season of Scrubs beginning less than a month away is definitely the highlight of my ’08-’09 television schedule.

So, on January 6th at 9:00 PM there’ll be only one place that I’ll be — in front of my television returning to the cast of irregulars at Sacred Heart hospital.


Time Again For “My Charlie Brown Christmas”

December 13, 2008

A Charlie Brown Christmas aired earlier this week, and for the first time in some thirty-eight years or so I missed it. Now, I do own the holiday special on DVD, so I can technically watch it whenever I want — but there’s something just more better about catching the program when it airs.

But, I can always fall back and enjoy My Charlie Brown Christmas — Voiced by the cast of Scrubs.

Bill Lawrence Is My Hero

May 15, 2008

I like Bill Lawrence. Besides creating the animated Clone High and the sitcom Spin City, he created one of my all-time favorite TV shows — Scrubs. Now that it’s official that Scrubs is in fact leaving NBC for greener pastures over at ABC, Mr. Lawrence let loose with his thoughts regarding Scrubs‘ former network, as well as providing some insight to the future of Scrubs over at the new network — all via the Ausillo Scoop at He really lays it all out in regards to NBC’s treatment of the program after returning from the Writers’ Strike — “Total harsh buzz of not giving a shit about a show that had been on the network for seven years and made them millions of dollars.” (Note: I elected not to censor the quote.)

And, in other Scrubs news that I stumbled upon… The Ausliio Scoop (or Ausillo Report — I see that it is referred to as both) is reporting that three new interns will be joining Sacred Heart Hospital. The three newbies to suffer the wrath of Dr. Cox will be played by Betsy Beutler (The Black Donnellys), Eliza Coupe (I Think I Love My Wife) and Aziz Ansari (Human Giant).

Yay! Scrubs Is Back!

April 10, 2008

Okay, if this isn’t worth posting or blogging about I don’t know what is… Scrubs returns to television tonight! (Feel free to mock me in the comments if you must.) I love my Scrubs, and I haven’t seen a brand new episode in over four months. I’ve been refreshing my memory on the six episodes that have aired so far for the series’ seventh season. For my fellow Scrubs fans who need a quick refresher and don’t have the time to view recorded episodes, I offer the following summaries…

Episode 701 “My Own Worst Enemy” (10/25/2007) — J.D. and Elliot find themselves lying next to each other, about to kiss. They close their eyes, but when J.D. makes his move, he opens them to find that Elliot is standing on the other side of the room – they can’t do this. However, Elliot tells Turk and Carla that she doesn’t want to marry Keith.

Episode 702 “My Hard Labor” (11/01/2007) — J.D. has spent the past several mornings the same way: he tells Kim she’s amazing and says, “I love you” to the baby but doesn’t say, “I love you” to Kim.” At the hospital, a patient refuses to have interns treat him; Dr. Cox steps in and tells his interns to do their job. Later, Carla comes home and gives Turk’s videogame system to J.D. because it’s distracting Turk from their baby.

Episode 703 “My Inconvenient Truth” (11/08/2007) — J.D. tells Turk that Kim and Sam moved forty minutes away because Kim took a job at another hospital. To make things even worse for J.D., his brother Dan shows up. Outside, a bicycling Ted yells at the Janitor for driving a gas-guzzler. Ted makes the Janitor watch “An Inconvenient Truth,” which proves to be an eye-opening experience.

Episode 704 “My Identity” (11/15/2007) — Carla and Turk are about to get it on in a patient’s room when J.D. shows up to take Turk away on a nationwide water-park tour. When Elliot arrives to kill Carla, Carla awakes from this terrible nightmare, upset that she’s been dreaming in English. Meanwhile, Jordan tells Cox that she’s taking their kids to her mom’s for the weekend, and he’s thrilled to have some time alone.

Episode 705 “My Growing Pains” (11/29/2007) — J.D. wonders what his baby is thinking when Turk asks him to shoot some hoops. Carla suggests that Turk would be better off spending some quality time with his daughter. Meanwhile, Bob mentions to a board member that he has a birthday coming up. When asked how old he’ll be, Bob responds, “58.” Later, J.D. and Turk hang out with their babies. Both of them miss doing goofy stuff with each other.

Episode 706 “My Number One Doctor” (12/06/2007) — At the nurse’s station, Carla tells the Janitor that it’s strange he uses a cowboy voice when discussing how “smitten” he is with his girlfriend Lady. Meanwhile, Turk and Cox tell J.D. about their contest to see how long each can stay in a room with a patient who has a smelly fungal infection. J.D. wonders why Cox and Turk compete so much since they’re not even friends, and he learns that competition is a cardinal rule of being a man.

So, fair warning to any potential phone callers or emailers expecting a reply from me between 9:30 and 10:00 PM tonight — you ain’t gonna get one.

Sacred Heart Hospital Re-Opens For Business

March 24, 2008

Today, Monday, March 24, the cast and crew of Scrubs are returning to production after the delay resulting from the 100-day writers’ strike — according to Reuters/Hollywood Reporter.

“Scrubs” back to work, but for whom?

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – The cast of “Scrubs” is back at work Monday, but the big question is, for which network?

For the past month, ABC has been in negotiations with its Disney corporate sibling ABC Studios, which produces the show for NBC, about picking up the comedy with an 18-episode order. NBC had raised objections to the plan.

Sources said the cast is coming back to finish shooting an episode for NBC that was disrupted by the recent 100-day Hollywood writers strike. The actors also are expected to film a few more episodes despite the fact that NBC opted not to pick up more segments from what was supposed to be the show’s seventh and final season.

Sources indicated that ABC Studios had planned to produce a couple of extra episodes of “Scrubs,” even without an order from NBC, to possibly be included on the series’ DVD set.

Now, the new episodes are intended for ABC, as a pickup by the network is said to be likely. While the sticking points with NBC for the most part had been resolved, the dealmaking keeps stretching out, focusing primarily on securing the cast, most of whom didn’t have pacts beyond this season. Sources said actor contracts are now complete for nearly every cast member, including star Zach Braff.

Six episodes of “Scrubs” have aired so far this season, and five original episodes remain to air on NBC. After the strike, NBC told ABC Studios that the network was declining to pay for the season’s remaining episodes. NBC’s move freed up the studio to shop the comedy elsewhere.

ABC has been interested in getting the comedy for years and started negotiations for the series. The “Scrubs” writing team has been hard at work since the end of the strike, penning scripts for the show’s potential eighth season on ABC.

The networks declined comment.

Well, it looks like I’ll get at least five more episodes for a total of 11 episodes of the planned 18 episodes the “seventh” season. And then next season — the “eighth” season — I’ll get 18 more. Now, I just have to kill time until April 10th, when the last five NBC episodes are scheduled to begin to air.

It Was At That Moment That I Realized…

February 29, 2008

scrubs3.jpg…that when the end looks inevitable, life can sometimes give you an extension to carry on.

I was having a J.D. moment there — head tilted slightly to the left as my inner voice reflected upon the news that I woke up to this morning. My all-time-favorite television show (yes, I said “all-time-favorite”) may not be be going quiet into that dark night, just yet. According to the Hollywood Reporter, ABC is in negotiations to pick up 18 episodes of Scrubs, which has been airing on NBC for the last seven seasons.

The fate of Scrubs unfinished seventh and final season has been in doubt due to the recent writers’ strike. NBC — which if you ask me, has treated Scrubs to something akin to the ugly red-headed stepchild — had aired six episodes of the seventh season, and is reported to be airing five more episodes beginning in April, but had yet to commit as to whether or not it would give Scrubs a proper send-off for it’s final season. There was talk of executive producer and show creator Bill Lawrence producing a series finale to go direct to DVD. Now, it looks as if that might not have to be the case.

ABC Studios (formally Touchstone) actually produces Scrubs, so the move only makes sense. But, according to Variety, NBC is now crying “foul” and claiming that they have first refusal to extend the show beyond this current unfinished season. This is the same network that has continuously shifted Scrubs throughout various time slots and provided very little marketing support for. Can the peacock get any more petty.

I was crossing my fingers that I would just get a handful of additional Scrubs episodes after the last new episode aired back in early December. I had all but given up hope on seeing an actual proper series finale being produced and aired. Now I might be getting 18 whole new episodes. Thank you, ABC.

I Need Scrubs, Stat!

January 10, 2008

Ugh. It ain’t going to happen though. I’m going through Scrubs withdrawals. Sure, I can catch any of the half dozen reruns that air throughout the weekdays, or watch the DVDS that I own of seasons 1 thru 6, but I want new Scrubs — knowing that they’re out there. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like I’ll get my desired dosage of a new episode of my current favorite show of choice this week. The next scheduled episode is set not to air until January 24th — you’re killing me NBC! — with the seventh episode of the seventh season, “My Bad Too.” After that, it looks like we get three more episodes, with the last and final episode of the season airing on Valentine’s Day. Supposedly two additional episodes were filmed, without Creator/Executive Producer Bill Lawrence present, but NBC has no plans to air them. And then that’s it. Potentially no more Scrubs. Boo.

I consider anybody associated with the lack of me enjoying new episodes of Scrubs as bastard covered bastards with bastard filling.

“My Charlie Brown Christmas”

November 29, 2007

For — now this is an estimation — the thirty-seventh year in a row now I caught the annual airing of A Charlie Brown Christmas the night before last. I’ve watched it every year since I was two or three. Maybe I caught it when I was one, not sure. But, watching it reminded me of a little gem that the cast of Scrubs created for their cast and crew holiday party during their third season (I believe). Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you… “My Charlie Brown Christmas” — featuring the animated works of Charles M. Schultz’s Peanuts as voiced by the cast of Scrubs.

Here is the direct YouTube link, as well as a good TV Squad link.

Note: My first YouTube embed. 

No Scabs, No Scrubs

November 6, 2007

I’ve got this idea for a new television show… It’s about a group of three young television writers — two best guy-pals from college (one writes wacky sitcoms and the other writes serious medical dramas) and an insecure blond girl from Connecticut (who writes night-time dramas) that join the WGA just before the guild decides to go on strike. The strike lasts for a number of years and we learn, laugh, and love with these three young television writers as they cross the picket line to write for a off-beat, yet endearing, one-camera hospital sitcom. The wacky sitcom writer is prone to daydreams, and is often taught life-lessons by a hardened and brash, narcissistic feature film writer forced to cross the picket line as well. The medical drama writer falls in love, and eventually marries a production assistant. The frazzled night-time drama writer falls in and out of love with the daydreaming wacky sitcom writer. The narcissistic feature writer is always budding heads with the show’s producer who feels that the show must go on and at whatever costs — even the integrity of the writers forced to cross the picket line. And, to top it all off, the daydreaming wacky sitcom writer is forever besieged by one of the studio’s security guards. I call the show Scabs.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Scrubs diagnosis unclear and a strike could cancel planned finale.

“On a personal level, yeah, it would be nice to finish work on ‘Scrubs’ the way I wanted to,” creator-executive producer Bill Lawrence said. “That it looks like it’s not happening is certainly disappointing, I can’t lie. But it’s also not the end of the world. The last thing anybody wants to hear right now is some idiot saying, ‘Hey, I worked really hard on my show, I want to end it the way I want to end it!’ It’s hard to care right now about any legacy.”

Lawrence hasn’t done much in the way of stockpiling “Scrubs” episodes in anticipation of a writers walkout. There are two scripts written and ready to shoot, “and with a single-camera show, once a script is locked, you have no real rewrites,” he said. That will take “Scrubs” up through Episode 12, six episodes short of the ending Lawrence had envisioned for the show.

Now, I support the WGA a hundred percent, and I’m ready to hunker down and go without any new scripted television programing and feature motion pictures should the strike drag on — but damnit! My favorite all-time television show looks as if it’ll fall six episodes short of fulfilling their seven season run. After a few different seasons of not knowing if Scrubs would actually be renewed for an additional season we’ve come this far to only fall just so short.

Again, I’m in the WGA’s corner on this one. But, I’m just bummed that one of the strike’s potential first victims has to be something so dear to me personally. I don’t mean to come off as selfish. The writers are only asking for what seems fair. I don’t blame them. In fact, I had hoped to be in within their ranks by now and would be there toting a sign in a picket line without hesitation if I were a member. I’m hoping that the differences are resolved soon and everybody can go to work and make the living that they deserve — and that I get to see the final six episodes of my favorite show.

My Complete Life (Well, Sort Of)

October 9, 2007

scrubsmusical.jpgYou see what I did with the title of this post, here? I titled it in a similar fashion to how each episode of Scrubs is titled. And to know me is to know that Scrubs is my end-all-be-all favorite television show. How a guy that digs shows like Star Trek and old episodes of Land of the Lost comes out with a comedy(yet, often poignant) set in a hospital as his all-time favorite show is anybody’s guess — but it is. As for the meaning of this post’s title… Well, as of yesterday, I can officially declare that I’ve seen every episode of Scrubs.

Now, you may be asking yourself, “If Scrubs is Dan’s all-time favorite show how come he hasn’t seen every episode before yesterday?” For some reason I missed the seventh episode of the sixth season (which originally aired on 01/18/07 — so I’m guessing maybe it had something to do with my girlfriend’s birthday) called “My Musical.” I don’t have Tivo (hooked up, anyway) and I didn’t download it off of the internet. To be honest, I wasn’t all that heartbroken about missing the episode. The fact that they were doing a “musical” episode put me off a bit. It was something that I thought I was probably not going to dig all that much. I’m not going to claim that every single episode of Scrubs is gold, but pound for pound, television doesn’t get any better in my opinion.

But last night I caught a syndicated airing of the episode “My Musical” and whatever fears or hesitations that I had regarding the episode were tossed aside. Episode 607 won’t go down in my journal (the one with the horse that has a sword coming out of his forehead — not a unicorn) as my all-time favorite episode of my all-time favorite television series. But, it also won’t go down as the episode that turned me off of Scrubs.

By the way, Scrubs seventh and final season premieres on Thursday, October 25th. “Final” season… It’s going to be a bittersweet 07-08 television season for yours truly.