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Must… Make… Willpower Saving Throw

November 6, 2007

Okay, big shocker news here… Growing up I was a role playing game (i.e., Dungeons & Dragons) enthusiast. I started playing in the third grade and I owned the original Dungeons & Dragons small box set of three books that I bought at a comic book shop. The next year with the release of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons I became more immersed in the game. I played D&D and other RPGs (role-playing games) like Gamma World, Champions, and GURPS. I played a lot through high school, but sort of fell out of playing when I attended college. Even though I didn’t play anymore I still paid attention to what was going on with the various RPGs — I’d still buy the books and such. Role-playing games became a more of a collector’s hobby for me than a player’s hobby. I always found RPG rule-books and supplements interesting reads — sort of like guidebooks for story telling and world creation.

About six months before the release of Dungeons & Dragons Third Edition (2000) I found a group to game with once again and played on a weekly schedule. When D&D 3E was released I really got into the notion of the new revised “d20” system and the various game publishers that seemed to spring up out of nowhere and were offering various role-playing game products by utilizing the Standard Rule Document (SRD) and the Open Gaming License (OGL) and the D20STL (d20 System Trademark License). In fact, I even toyed with the idea of jumping into the RPG publishing ring myself. The group I gamed with started playing the third edition, but after a few months the group broke up — not to lack of interest, just real-life commitments getting in the way.


Last August a new edition of Dungeons & Dragons was announced — a 4th Edition. And in a strange coincidence, I happen to find my old dice pouch. Hmmm… I think the RPG gods are trying to drag me back in. While I’m currently eBaying a bunch of my old RPG books, and the last RPG product that I bought was the Serenity RPG (mostly because I’m a Firefly/Serenity freak as opposed to thinking of actually playing the game), I’m feeling that there may be forces beyond my control trying to call me back.

Maybe I’ll migrate back in that direction, but with a more definite plan. With writing and working on projects like Pirat Tales and Hero Happy Hour, maybe there’s something to be said about using these RPG tools to help create those worlds. Or maybe — just maybe — the world is ready for a Ninja Bandito role-playing game.