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Only 188 Shopping Days Left Until Christmas

June 19, 2008

Or, 182 shopping days until my birthday — you have your choice. Either way, I have found what I want via the Official Star Wars Blog and Boing Boing — the LEGO Death Star!

How gorgeous does that set look? I got rid of a bunch of my LEGO Star Wars sets a couple of years ago, but dammit, if this set isn’t pulling me in as if it had a functional tractor beam.

It looks like it comes with over two dozen minifigs as well. But, like all good things, the LEGO Death Star does come at a price — something in the ballpark of $399 apparently. But damn, if it ain’t nifty.

I wonder how long something like this would take to build? I remember it took me something like three days to build the LEGO Millennium Falcon when I first got it.