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Kirkman’s Manifesto

August 13, 2008

Robert Kirkman, creator of such comic books as Invincible and The Walking Dead, and recently made a partner at Image Comics. (Okay, all the comic book people that read this blog knew all that.) Today, Kirkman posted a video editorial at Comic Book Resources calling for more top rated talent to produce more creator owned work to insure the vitality of the comic book industry — The Kirkman Manifesto.

Now, it’s easy for me to agree with what Kirkman is saying — and I do. As a comic book writer myself, just about everything that I have published, or had published, has been creator owned. That doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t jump at the chance to write for Marvel and/or DC Comics if the offer was made, but I’m a strong advocate for creator owned comic books. I will always love to read my Spider-Man comic books, but I feel that the real strength in imagination and creativity resides within the pages of creator owned comic books.

Now, if Kirkman gets his way and a bunch of big name comic book creators with fan bases that far out number mine start creating and publishing creator owned works, that’ll just make the competition for getting my own work out there that much more difficult. But, the upside is that I’m sure that’ll be reading some kick-ass comics.