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Free Futuristic Tales Of The Here And Now

June 12, 2008

So everybody who reads this blog on a somewhat regular basis (all eight of you) ran out to your local comic book shops and picked up a copy of the signed and numbered Cory Doctorow’s Futuristic Tales of the Here and Now hardcover — featuring the story “Nimby and the D-Hoppers” adapted by yours truly — right?

Or, maybe you ordered it from (and, it just hasn’t shown up yet because you requested the book to ship with your new Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition core rulebooks, and they’re apparently shipping those a month late now) to take advantage of their discount.

But, if for whatever reason, you don’t have a copy of it in your grubby paws you can download a free pdf version. Being that the material of the book is based on Cory Doctorow’s writings this book was released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike-NonCommercial license, meaning you can copy it, share it, remix it and play with it, provided it’s on a non-commercial basis. According to Cory Doctorow himself, “Have at it.

But, wouldn’t a signed and numbered hardcover edition of Cory Doctorow’s Futuristic Tales of the Here and Now look nice on your bookshelves. I know it would mine.