22 Minute TV Danatic

dangrytv450I’m thinking about doing regular posts about my guilty pleasure of watching various sitcoms of various of various degrees of quality from syndicated reruns to first run programming. I’m not necessarily proud of my television viewing habits, but over the years I’ve developed some interesting theories about the programs that I watch and I watch them — sometimes over and over…

Maybe I’ll post my sitcom rants, raves, reviews, and rebuttals here — or on a dedicated blog of its own. I’ll have to kick the idea around. If I were to do such a blog, the image here would be quite fitting I believe. I’m guessing I’m upset about the fact that Peter might not be allowed to go on a camping trip after breaking a vase because he disobeyed the commandment of “don’t play ball in the house.”


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One Response to “22 Minute TV Danatic”

  1. Scott Compton Says:

    I realize this is an older post but like you, I have my issues and addictions to certain sitcoms. I would love to read your spins and rants about whatever sitcoms you are in to. I myself have recently discovered the strange and often obscure humor of “The Family Man”. I know it’s in its umpteenth season and I’m a little behind the times but my wife is not a huge fan of it or any other animated series. So finding the time to watch it alone is hard. Anyway, back to the original point…..Post more on this topic. I would love to read it.

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