Tom Petty — It’s Not You, It’s Me

Hey, Tom… We have to talk. It’s just not working out right now with us. It’s not you. It’s me. Well, actually it’s her.

I don’t want you to misunderstand me. I respect and appreciate your music — and have since I first saw the Refugee video on Mtv way back in the day. Cool Road Warrior imagery. You’re definitely a rock icon — there’s no denying it. But, you see… Here’s the deal. The girl that I just split with after almost close to four years is a major Tom Petty fan. You are, without a doubt, her all-time favorite musical performer.

Before she came into my life I think I may have had one of your greatest hit collections in my CD collection. But her influences during the time we were together got me to much more into your music than I had previously been. I’ve got a number of your albums in my current iTunes collection. I had never attended one of your concerts before going with her — we went to two different shows. To be honest, I didn’t spend a lot of my dollars playing your tunes on the jukebox before she came around, but I’d hunt for your songs (especially Here Comes My Girl) whenever I was at a bar with a jukebox. And, when one of your songs came on the radio while driving I instinctively reached over to turn up the volume.

But, like I said, we broke up. And, I’m sorry to say the same goes for you and I. Right now, we’re just not… What we were. Again, you haven’t changed. It’s all on me. Your music hasn’t changed — just how it affects me now.

That’s not to say that you and I still can’t be friends. I’m sure I’ll come around, and not always switch the station on the radio when you come on. I’ll eventually play your tunes on jukeboxes again (just not Here Comes My Girl).

This isn’t the first break up like this that I’ve been through – and I’m sure the same can be said for you. There was one girl that was both a Steeley Dan fan and a U2 fan. Now, before she came into my life I was already a fan of U2 myself, so after that relationship ended the separation between me and the quartet from Dublin didn’t last all that long. We had already had a history together before this other girl and I were together. But, there was a time that I felt very uneasy and uncomfortable listening to U2. As I said, this other girl did turn me on to Steeley Dan, too. I wouldn’t have seen them live without going with her. I wouldn’t have played their tunes on the jukebox if she wasn’t a part of my life. Now though, I just don’t feel the same about them as I did then.

The other major girl in my life had horrible taste in music, so the split between those performers and I was easy.

I think you and I will be okay someday. Not right away, but I’ll come around, and I hope that I can enjoy your music as much as I did over the last four years. It really meant a lot to me. And, I’m sure it will mean a lot more to me in the future. I’m still hurting, and I hope you can understand that. You keep playing your music and making her happy. I’ll miss you’re music.



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