Getting A Jump On My Taxes

Well, I didn’t have anything better to do tonight — at least until the new episodes of Scrubs start at 9:00 — so I did my taxes. I received both my W-2 (from my regular day gig employer) today, as well as finding my 1099-MISC waiting for me in todays mail upon returning home from said regular day gig.

So, I fired up the computer… Jumped onto the Turbo Tax site… Plugged in some number… And, it turns out that I’m actually getting a return from both the Federal and State governments. Combined, it’s not a huge amount — maybe enough to pay for, say… lodging at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Not enough to cover bar tabs, but a place to crash and shower…

But, I might not hit SDCC this year. I’m throwing that out there now for everyone who cares to do their best to talk me into not skipping out on the show and making sure that I attend for what I believe will be the tenth year in a row.

Then again, my pickup could use about $320 of work I’m sure.


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