Toward A Fine ’09 – Blogging

Here it is… The new year. And, with it comes my first post of the new year. This is the day where we all start anew with resolutions, aspirations, and an eye at looking at a future 365 days with the hopes of them being brighter than the previous 365. Throw in an extra day every four years for leap year — in which ‘o8 was one, but ’09 is not. That at least eases up on the pressure by twenty-four hours.

So, what do I have on line for ’09? (Last year it was “what was on the slate for ’08.” Clever, huh? I’ve got 364 days to come up with something for ’10.)

Every first of the year, at least since I started blogging, I vow that I will post every day. I’ve never pulled it off. In ’07 I managed to start the new year with five straight days with a post, and a total of seventeen days with blog posts scattered throughout the month of January — none on the weekends. At least I managed to do slightly better than sharing my thoughts on half of the days of the month. In ’08 I managed to shoot out of the gate by posting on each of the first twelve days of the year (sometimes even twice in one day), as well as managing to post on twenty-six days during the month of January.

Now we’re starting fresh with a whole new year and I’m one post in toward a goal of posting at least once a day for a total of 365 days. Posting every day for a year isn’t the only goal I have for the new year. There are of course the old standby resolutions of “losing weight” and “managing by money better” to throw out a few. Since I call myself a writer, I’m also challenging myself to write and read more — every day as well. And, no, my daily posts here do not count toward the goal of writing everyday, nor does surfing the web reading other blogs count as reading everyday. I’m very lazy when it comes to these two activities for some reason — which is a very bad, bad thing.

And, I’ve got other resolutions and goals for ’09, but I’m not going to cover them all in this post. I do after all, need material to achieve my goal of posting everyday throughout 2009.


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