So Long 2008

Probably my last post of the year 2008 — which I’m not necessarily sorry to see it go. The last year was less than stellar in regards to my “writing career” and being able to support myself by doing just that — writing. Though, it was by far my most lucrative year as far as receiving checks for payment as a writer, just not enough to get by on.

The highlight of said “writing career” had to be when I got my first check from one of the “big two” comic book companies. In this case it was from DC for the Zuda entry Skullgoyle that I wrote. Of course, I had to split the payment with my collaborator, artist Daniel Thollin, but it was a thrill nonetheless to come home from my recently acquired day job to find the check waiting for me with the day’s mail.


Hopefully 2009 will be sprinkled with a few more checks as of the results of my writing endeavors. Mind you, I’m not particularly picky about having them all be from the “big two” either.

Upon having to admit defeat in my pursuits of writing for a living and having to land a regular civilian gig I sort of took a bit of a sabbatical from writing for the last two months of ’08. (Including posting somewhat regularly here.) There were a couple of setbacks besides just not finding enough work as a writer that sort of soured things for me (some of which I’ll cover later), but not enough for me to give up completely — I just needed a break.

With the new year comes new optimism. There are a few irons in the fire, and with any luck, I’ll be able to forge them into quality products that will see the light of day. So, here’s the deal, 2009… You do your best not to let me down, and I’ll do the same.


One Response to “So Long 2008”

  1. Joshua Fialkov Says:

    Congrats dude. I know (and have greatly enjoyed) that feeling, too. Here’s to finally getting around to conquering the world this year, eh? :D


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