Season VIII: Return Of Scrubs

Alright, I’ll admit — even as a card-carrying die-hard fan — the seventh season of Scrubs didn’t necessarily end on the highest of notes. There were a few monkey wrenches thrown into the show’s gears last season. There was the writers’ strike, and there was the fact that NBC pretty much treated the program as an ugly red-headed step-child. (No offense to red-headed step-children that are clearly not ugly.)

But, in three weeks — a mere 21 days — Scrubs returns to the airwaves on their new network, ABC. Scrubs is, and has been for the past seven seasons, my favorite television show, and I am eagerly awaiting its return. Sure, I’ve got six of the last seven seasons on DVD (had to leave a gift option open for Christmas), and I know when and where to find syndicated reruns enabling me to watch it up to five times a day on Comedy Central, WGN, and KCAL. But, the anticipation of an all-new eighth season of Scrubs beginning less than a month away is definitely the highlight of my ’08-’09 television schedule.

So, on January 6th at 9:00 PM there’ll be only one place that I’ll be — in front of my television returning to the cast of irregulars at Sacred Heart hospital.




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