A New Look — Or Lack Thereof

If you happen to be one of my few regular visitors you’ve probably noticed that the ol’ blog looks a little different. In anticipation of returning to blogging on a somewhat regular basis I figured I’d mix it up a little bit with a new look. Admittingly, it’s not a whole lot different than before — a little less on the blue and framed widgets to the right. I reviewed my options regarding various WordPress themes available and decided to stick with a basic white — my reasoning being that most projects, such as writing, drawing, painting, etc… start off on a blank piece of stark white paper or canvas (or Word screen).

Speaking of “stark white,” the all new title header at the top of the page is just that. The narcissist in me retained the image of yours truly sitting at the bar with my trusty notebook and even trustier mug of beer — drawn by artist D.J. Coffman (who will draw anything for two bucks). I’m not sure what to add to the header. A “title,” maybe? I mean, “Dan Taylor Blog” seems appropriate, but it’s not floating my boat. Being rather “blank” seems somewhat appropriate seeing how I haven’t blogged much, nor have I written much of anything over the last couple of months. I’ve been on a sort of sabbatical.

But, the creative juices are beginning to peculate once again — and I miss by blog.


One Response to “A New Look — Or Lack Thereof”

  1. Dan Taylor Says:

    Dig the cleanliness of the new theme. The falling snow is kinda distracting, but I’m assuming it’s only seasonal. :)

    Re: title – you’ve already got your name in the main title tag, so you’re good on the SEO front (obviously – I found it. Great name btw). So how about something that describes the main point of the blog and ties into the image. Something along the lines of:

    Drawing from the end of the bar
    Sketches and Beer
    Will draw for Beer

    Just my thoughts. Looks good man – keep up the great work!

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