Skullgoyle Needs Your Vote

Over at, week three ranking updates came out yesterday and they remained unchanged from week two — which means the comic that I and artist Daniel Thollin created, Skullgoyle, still remains in eighth place. (At least we moved up a rank from ninth in week two’s tally.)

Two reviews of Skullgoyle have popped up online. The Webcomic Witchfinder thinks “the writing is excellent” and “it’s a great little comic with a solid idea and an interesting treatment.” Even if he didn’t understand that we chose to go with black & white for a reason. And, the over at the ComicMix website they state “Skullgoyle has the feel of a solid, classic pulp adventure” and “As long as we get more of the big winged guy, we’re there!”

C’mon, faithful few readers of my blog… Practice now for the big election two weeks from today (those of you who are old enough to vote are going to vote, right?) and head over to and cast a vote (as well as giving five stars and making it a favorite) for Skullgoyle — a heroic hero for this Halloween season. Thank you for your support.

I’m Dan Taylor, and I endorse this message.

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