Game Over

And, with that… The 2008 Major League Baseball season is over for yours truly. Boston Red Sox’s Jason Bay (damn him this whole ALDS) slides by my Angels‘ catcher Mike Napoli in the bottom of the ninth to win the game 3 to 2, and the series 3 to 1. Time to pack up my jerseys until April and pay more attention to my fantasy football teams. It was a good run for my Angels — 100 wins, 50 on the road and 50 at home. But when it comes to post season play, the Red Sox just seem to have the Halos’ number. To Lackey, Napoli, Weaver, Shields, and any of the other guys who pop into the Goathill Tavern from time to time… I owe you a drink for one helluva season.


One Response to “Game Over”

  1. Jesse Says:

    I really wish Napoli would’ve blocked that plate with every inch of his body . . . at least make them earn that run instead of just letting him slip and slide right past you!

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