Hey, Kids! Remember Me?

It’s been awhile. Throughout the month of September I was rather scarce around these parts. I think I had a total of eight posts — and most of those posts were pimpin’ Pirat Tales. While there’ll still be plenty of promotion going on for my new comic book series about Captain Blacktail and the crew of the Vile Vermin, I’m hoping to return to some sort of regular posting on a more frequent basis.

What happened? Well, after giving the freelance writing gig a go for a year I finally had to suck it up and return to a more normal life and get myself a “civilian” job with a steady paycheck. I gave it a whirl, but there’s only so much Top Ramen a guy can eat.

So, I’ve got a new job — well actually, I’ve returned to a former job. I’ll be spending a lot less time creating and writing, but hopefully in return I’ll have a steady income in order to spend. There ain’t much left around here to eBay.

Now that I’m settling back into my former lifestyle of working by day and creating and writing by night I should be posting a bit more once again. I’ve got the Angels in the post season to discuss. There’s the new fall television series. There’s also the regular “fanboy” and “geek” related pastimes. And, of course, I’ll be continuing to discuss and promote my creative endeavorers — even if they’ll now be taking the backseat to sucking it up and being a grown-up.

One Response to “Hey, Kids! Remember Me?”

  1. Chad Lambert Says:

    Good to see you back blogging! Your post struck a nerve. I tried the freelance thing too and spent most of my time selling all my stuff on eBay to finance it. Welcome back to the real world. :)

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