Are YOU Ready For Football?

I’m not. The official kickoff of the NFL season is at 4:00 PM Pacific (right after Ellen on NBC — now that’s a double-feature). I’m still wrapped up in Major League Baseball — especially my Angels, whose “magic number” to win the division is only seven with twenty-four games left to play. And, I hope to still be wrapped up in baseball through the post season as my Angels go on and win the World Series. As long as the baseball season is going on I won’t fully be into the 2008 NFL season.

That won’t stop me from enjoying games (and beer) on Sundays with friends, as well as keeping up with my football team — the San Francisco 49ers (yes, still), who ESPN currently ranks at 29 out of the 32 teams. And, I am of course, once again playing fantasy football this season in two leagues — my keeper league (that I’ve been playing in for three seasons) and my “big-money” league.

But, I will have the Redskins/Giants game on in the background this afternoon/evening as I work. The Angels had a day game today.

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