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Pirat Tales Comic Book Now Available For Pre-Order

August 27, 2008

Diamond Comics’ September Previews Vol. XVIII #9 — the comic book shop catalog for product being released in November 2008 is available as of today at your local comic book store, and I have a huge favor to ask of you all. Please go to said local comic book store and pre-order a copy (or twelve) of the comic book that I created, Pirat Tales: The Legend of the Cat O’ Nine Tails #1. The Diamond Order Code is SEP084132.

Pirat Tales: The Legend of the Cat O’ Nine Tails #1
Dan Taylor (w) • Orlando Baez (a/c)

The infamous Captain Blacktail and his crew of swashbuckling rats set sail upon the high seas in search of a treasure equal to the ransom of kings upon kings. Many would-be plunderers have set forth to claim the treasure of the Cat O’ Nine Tails—only never to return. A young mouse known as Pip will find his life forever changed as he journeys to uncharted waters on an adventure with Captain Blacktail and the rat crew of the Vile Vermin.

*Retailers: See your order form for a special incentive
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

If you’re unfamiliar with the process of pre-ordering comic book titles from your local comic book shop it’s a rather simple and painless procedure. All you need to do is let your friendly comic book retailer know that you would like to order Pirat Tales: The Legend of the Cat O’ Nine Tails #1 and that the Diamond Order code is SEP084132. If you do not know where your local comic book retailer is located you can use the Comic Shop Locater Service or call 1-888-COMIC-BOOK (1-888-266-4226). And, to make the process even easier, I’ve gone ahead and provided a Previews Short Order Form with the top line already filled out with Pirat Tales: The Legend of the Cat O’ Nine Tails #1.

The deal is that initial order numbers play a huge role in the survival of a comic book series, especially a brand new premiering title — so every order counts. And, there is a special Pirat Tales: Legend of the Cat O’ Nine Tales #1 Treasure Map Variant Cover available as a retailer incentive — so make sure that your local comic book retailer orders enough copies so you can get your paws on that booty. Thank you for your support.