So, I’m Not Writing A Lot Of Posts Lately…

But, I am writing. It seems that I’ve got a rather full dance card with projects right now.

  • I’m working on the fourth script to Pop! Darlings of America with Neil Kleid. The two of us have written ourselves some interesting avenues to explore — but we’ve got to remain focus.
  • Laying down the groundwork for the project that resulted in “forming a band.” I’m working with three talented artists on this one and there’s been a frenzy of emails shooting all over the place as we work up our ideas. Stay tuned for more info.
  • I’ve been tinkering with a couple of movie pitches — one to two page proposals makes it tough to get everything that I want to get across.
  • I’ve signed with a publisher to do two additional graphic novel deals, and I’ve been getting both of those projects ready. They’re for the same publisher, but rather different ideas.
  • And there there are all of the other concepts, ideas, plots, pitches, and characters that still seep into my gray matter even as bogged as it is with what I’ve currently got going on.

Alright, time to close the blog window and open back up the half a dozen Word docs that I’m juggling right now.


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