I’m Going To Forgo The Clones

At least for now. I was ready to head over the the cineplex to immense myself into the latest chapter — which actually falls somewhere between Episode II and Episode III — of the Star Wars lore, and catch a big screen viewing of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Now, before you take my geek card away, let me once again reiterate that I am in fact a Star Wars fan. Again, the license plate on my truck refers to the spaceship of a certain notorious bounty hunter from a galaxy far, far away. But, my admiration for the franchise is much more entrenched with the original trilogy — A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. That’s not to say that I disdain the prequels, but they didn’t live up to my expectations. Now, were my expectations set too high. I don’t think so. After not having a new Star Wars film (outside of a few somewhat forgettable Ewok movies made for television) for some sixteen years I was plenty hungry for more. The Phantom Menace was enjoyable enough. Attack of the Clones just fell flat. And Revenge of the Sith just reminded me of how much I miss the original trilogy as it crept closer in chronological terms to A New Hope.

The reviews for The Clone Wars haven’t been stellar, to say the least. But, that’s not what is keeping me from committing myself to the 98 minutes (and $12 popcorn/soda combo that I’d end up purchasing) of sitting in a darkened theater for the seventh theatrically released Star Wars installment. It’s just that I don’t feel that “the force is strong with this one.” (There, can I keep my geek card with that reference?)

So, I’m thinking that maybe Star Wars: The Clone Wars wasn’t made for me. It’s an animated movie made for the kids that grew up on the prequels. And that’s fair. I have “my Star Wars” and they can have “their Star Wars“. But, this movie is serving the purpose of a “curtain-raiser” to the upcoming Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated TV series. Perhaps this chapter of Star Wars lore is best served as 22-minute vignettes on the small screen.

Sorry, Ahsoka Tano. It’s nothing personal. You seem like an alright plucky Padawan. But, it looks like I’ll just be meeting you on the small screen.

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3 Responses to “I’m Going To Forgo The Clones”

  1. neoramaent Says:

    I went and watched it. Your estimation of it was right. Luckily, I took my son to go see it and that made it enjoyable. But if you want a true blue Star Wars film, this is not it. You can read my review on http://www.neoramaent.wordpress.com.

  2. John Doe Says:

    I believe Ahsoka is in some of the Star Wars Games but working for the dark side, anyways when she meets “skyguy” shes only 13!

  3. brokenmystic Says:

    I enjoyed reading this review of yours. Although I liked the movie, I appreciate the fact that you didn’t just simply tear the movie apart , unlike some other people.

    I grew up with the original trilogy. I was hooked to the action figures, the video games (remember Rebel Assault II and Shadows of the Empire?), the digitally remastered VHS trilogy set, and then those Special Edition re-releases. Not to mention, I was a huge fan of the expanded universe too.

    I agree that there are things in the prequels that I wish would have been different. As an aspiring filmmaker myself, I felt that the stories themselves were definitely Oscar-winning material, but they just weren’t executed in that manner. A story about a man falling to the dark side, a mentor losing his best friend to evil, and a wife watching the man she Loves transform into a different person — this is all very epic. I even liked the concept of Anakin being younger than Padme, and I wish we saw some more maturity in the young Anakin in Episode I (I know it’s hard to picture that with Jake Lloyd, but ideally, it would be very interesting).

    Anyway, for the most part, I Loved the prequel trilogy because I can enjoy the films by appreciating Lucas’ vision and gifted imagination. I can be forgiving of some of the lacking performances (I thought Liam Neeson and Ewan McGregor had the best performances). I see the new “Clone Wars” cartoon something for kids, yeah, but it’s also part of the Star Wars saga. I still enjoyed seeing Anakin as a Jedi again. It creates more empathy for his character, in my opinion.

    You can read my review of the film on my blog if you’re interested. Take care and may the Force be with you :)

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