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Shaving For The Muses

August 6, 2008

“Shaving for the Muses” isn’t a new fetish film I’ve discovered. But rather, I decided that perhaps if I shaved off my goatee this morning the muses would flock above my shoulders and shower inspiration down upon me.

And while I did manage to lose the number of additional gray hairs my goatee had acquired since my previous facial follicle famine, I’m not sure of the muses paid much attention to my chin sheering.

Wow! That’s a high forehead. I miss my goatee already.

Still In Post-SDCC Mode

August 6, 2008

The posts on my blog have been light lately. One reason is that I’m still catching up on post San Diego Comic Con work. Other than the work that is neglected during the run of the actual convention, there’s all of the post-con follow up work that needs to be done — thank you emails to publishers and editors that I met with, pitches that I was invited to send to be sent, research on and for said pitches to be done, and catching up on all of the industry news that is announced at the con, but I always manage not to hear about until a week or two afterward.

Speaking of pitches… Last night was a futile attempt and slumber. It was just too damn hot. I had too much bouncing around in my head — both creatively and worrisome. And, with the helicopter activity over my neighborhood last night you would’ve thought that they were filming Blue Thunder vs. Airwolf.

So, one of the creative endeavors that was preoccupying my lack of REM sleep was for a comic book pitch that I was invited to send to an editor. I had done my research on the character that the pitch focused on earlier that day, so it was first and foremost in my mind. After giving up my attempts to get any real sleep at around 5:00 AM, I got up, did a little more research, and worked out what I feel to be a solid pitch. So, before 8:00 AM, I managed to cross off one important item on my self-imposed “honey-do” list.