The Windup And The Pitch — Two Pitches Actually

Hmmm… Look at that. I actually got some work done today. No casual half-day for me on a Friday. Well, alright… Maybe casual, but that’s one of the benefits of working at home — you don’t have to wear pants while you work. (How’s that visual for you?)

I actually worked on two pitches today that required me to do some research online and watch a couple episodes of one of my all-time favorite television shows. And, yes, that does constitute as work.

I worked out two pitches that I think turned out rather well. Of course, I always feel like there’s something missing in a one paragraph pitch, and I feel like I need to shoehorn more points that I want to get across. But, I feel that the two pitches I constructed convey the story and points that I wanted to get across. I sent them off to the editor about thirty minutes ago — fingers crossed.


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