Let Me Introduce You To My Friend, Mike…

I’ve been meaning to introduce readers of my blog to my friend Mike Carano for quite awhile. Well, his Five Minutes With Mike video podcasts (or vidcasts, or vodcasts — your choice) to be more exact. I figure that since he’s been committed to this project long enough to post at least ten episodes that I could finally commit a blog post to promote them.

Mike covers a wide range of subjects including: his odd-ball collections, the Wax Museum, birthdays, Disneyland, the largest thermometer, cults, Father’s Day, Spock’s Brain (hence the reason I chose the screen capture displayed in the upper left), gay prostitutes and giraffe heads, and Tom Jones.

Mike has a unique perspective on most things that tend not to only be amusing, but insightful. The real magic of Mike is hanging out with him in said kitchen with a couple of beers during a friend’s kid’s birthday party (see Episode 3 “Happy Birthday”). But, until you find yourself on the Evite list, you can get your Mike Carano in roughly five minute doses via the magic of the internet.

Episode 1 is embedded below. You can find more Five Minutes With Mike at YouTube, iTunes Store, or mikecarano.com.


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