Yesterday’s Water Bottle Tour

Sorry for not posting yesterday. I had meetings in the Los Angeles area with two different production companies — and that pretty much turns into a full day’s trip. Driving up from Orange County to Century City and Santa Monica can take a solid hour to an hour and a half in the morning. For those of you that haven’t had “Hollywood” meetings, they’re all very similar in many aspects. Most of the time you’re greeted by an attractive girl who offers you a bottled water and directs you to a couch in the lobby to wait for the person you’re meeting with. While waiting in the lobby you have your choice of Hollywood Reporter or Variety to thumb through. You can take in the promotional movie posters and and standees of the companies recent releases and biggest hits. And, while you’re waiting you try to look busy by checking your phone for messages and texts. Once the person you’re to meet with is available you adjourn to a conference room with a humongous table and you quickly drop into an exchange of banter.

My first meeting was in Century City and I thought it went rather well. It turned out to be more of a pitch meeting than I expected and I wished that I was better prepared. I threw out ideas that I had fore feature films. He threw out guidelines in regards to what they were looking for. I threw out quickly revised versions of the previous ideas that I had just pitched. It was friendly and rather laid back, and for the most part I felt comfortable. Only problem was… The pen in my shirt pocket began to leak during the meeting and it was pointed out to me — bummer. Other than that, the meeting was wrapped up on a high note of possibilities and I’ve got some synopsis and treatments to retool and send.

So, in between meetings — rather than meet David Tischman for lunch — I was off on a hunt to acquire a brand new shirt before my second meeting. Since the second meeting was in Santa Monica near the 3rd Street Promenade that’s where I headed for a new wardrobe. I ducked into The Gap and found a simple classic gray button down collared shirt for 12 bucks. Threw down a quick lunch of Fatburger, and then I was off to the second meeting.

The second meeting was very similar to the first. The person that I met with seemed to like pretty much the same ideas that were well accepted in the first meeting — so I know what to work on and what the current trend is. And the guidelines as to what the second production company was looking for definitely reiterated what direction productions are steering toward nowadays. So, I’ll be busy working on my family oriented, four quadrant, tent-pole, bankable actor as a strong leading man pitches while I get ready for next week’s Comic-Con.


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