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GeekPunk — Before And After

July 10, 2008

When Chris Fason and I first created Hero Happy Hour (then Super Hero Happy Hour) we figured that we needed a “publishers name” — something akin to a company name and identity. Since I already owned the domain we figured that was as good as any.

And with a cool name such as “GeekPunk” a cool logo was needed. Out of the blue Chris emailed me a scan of a quick sketch that he did on ruled paper of our “GeekPunk” mascot. I fell in love with it instantly — it was simple, as if it was doodled on some bored student’s peechee folder while the minutes dragged in class. Yet, it had a Charles M. Schultz’s Peanuts-like charm to it. That quick sketch became our logo. It was used in our comics, put on t-shirts and promotional buttons, and displayed proudly on banners at the conventions we attended.

Over the years, I’ve so identified with the GeekPunk image that I went as him for Halloween one year (yes, I got a mohawk), he’s the main image on the business cards that I just got made for this years San Diego Comic-Con, and I even have it tattooed on my left forearm.

It was at these conventions that people would ask us who the character was and if we had any comic books featuring him. Everybody seemed to dig the little guy sporting a mohawk and glasses and carrying a huge pencil. We would explain that he was our GeekPunk logo and there was no comic book based on the character.

Well, that’s all about to change… Our little GeekPunk dude will in fact be featured in a comic book that Chris and I are now currently working on in addition to Hero Happy Hour. I’m not going to spill all of the beans just quite yet. But, I will share this with you — GeekPunk the logo and GeekPunk the comic book character.