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SDCCrunch — Twenty Days And Counting

July 7, 2008

The Fourth of July holiday weekend is over, gone, and done with. I survived, but there was a toll — I spent most of Sunday watching the Law & Order Special Victims Unit marathon on the USA Network.

Now, it’s crunch time for comic book fans and pros alike — the countdown to the 2008 San Diego International Comic-Con. There are only twenty days left until Preview Night on July 23 — with the rest of the show running Thursday, July 24 thru Sunday, July 27. Trust me… These days will speed by a lot quicker than you or I expect. Before either one of us notice, the SDCC will be looming with just a day or two left and we’ll still be scrambling to pull everything together that is needed for the yearly geek pilgrimage.

First and foremost… Have you ordered your membership (or pass) online yet. There will be no onsite membership badges sold. You have to register online. And the memberships are getting scarce quick! As I type this the 4-Day memberships are completely 100% sold out. The same goes for the Saturday memberships — all gone, 100% percent sold out. Right now, Friday is 94% sold out. Thursday is 59% sold out, and Sunday is 51% sold out. It’s going to be a crowded show, but hopefully with the lack of onsite membership purchasing things might roll a little smother in front of and around the convention center this year (Yeah, right.)

If you’re planning on attending you need to start thinking about the trip now. Have you already got your hotel room (or other alternative lodging) squared away? Every year it’s tight, and it just keeps getting tighter. This is the point in the game that some folks that made reservations back in February start dropping out, so something might become available — but I wouldn’t count on it.

Something else to remember… programming. There is a lot of programming crammed into the event and it’s a good idea to have a game-plan well in order before you hit the floor. While the official programming isn’t listed online yet, it is expected to become available between two weeks and ten days before the show.

Exclusives and sketches are something else to keep in mind. A lot of time can be spent waiting in line for these elusive treasures of SDCC, so it’s a good idea to know what you want before going in. A list of 2008 SDCC exclusives can be found here. Also, if you’re looking to get books signed or sketches done from your favorite artist I recommend that you do a little research and find out when and where they’ll be during the shows. Most talent have their days scheduled out and are offering the information on their websites or MySpace pages.

There’s also the matter of what to bring. For fans attending the show it’s a bit easier — bring cash, and lots of it. Comfortable shoes and fresh clean clothes go without saying. For pros… Well, I’m in attendance looking for work. So, I’ve got to have my business cards ready, as well as having any samples available should they be requested. I’m not an artist, so there’s no need for me to lug about a large portfolio of my art to show off. And, speaking from experience as a writer, there’s also no need for me to photocopy and assemble a mass of my writing samples and scripts — most publishers aren’t interested in lugging them back home. But, I should have an item or two ready if it is requested. (Note to aspiring writers… Don’t bust your hump on putting together writing samples of scripts and plot summaries. You’ll end up bringing most of them back home with you. Work on getting that finished and polished final comic book product completely put together by next year — it’s much more impressive.)

I don’t have any new books that have just been released, or are scheduled to be released in the next month or two, so it doesn’t look like I’ve got anything lined up as far as promoting and signings. My new titles are now scheduled for latter in the fall.

I do have to get plans together on who I will be meeting beyond the old friends and colleagues from the field. Emails need to be sent to various publishers and editors and hopefully scheduled meeting times arranged in order to get out there and promote myself as a creator/writer.

One nice thing about attending this year is that I have no booth of my own, nor am I tied down to any other booth. Sure, this means that I won’t be making any additional scratch to help subsidize my trip, but I’m free to roam and meet and greet to my heart’s content.

Alright, I’ve got to check on the business cards and get some emails regarding the con typed and sent. More on SDCC later.