I Live On The Noisiest Cul-De-Sac In America

Abbie Way — it sounds so tranquil. A short cul-de-sac in Orange County lined with large shady trees. There are maybe sixteen or eighteen total houses — all homes with well manicured lawns and probably all priced over a million plus. But, since I’ve been working at home as a freelance writer I’ve come to the realization that this may very well be noisiest suburban cul-de-sac ever.

I’ve gotten used to hearing gardeners with their gasoline-powered mowers and what should be unlawful and banned gasoline-powered blowers. What the hell ever happened to the rake and broom? But in the last nine months or so, two houses have been completely demolished and rebuilt from the ground up. Two other houses have had major renovations — one right next door.

And at this very moment — as I type this — not only are they sawing down a huge oak tree and throwing the limbs through a chipper, but the city is doing curb repair and they are jackhammering right in front of my driveway. I can feel the vibrations sitting at my desk.

I blame my low page output this week on the noise.

One Response to “I Live On The Noisiest Cul-De-Sac In America”

  1. mia Says:

    I usually work in the office on Wednesdays and Thursdays, because those are the days the landscapers and garbage collectors come, so it’s too noisy. But this week my neighbors are doing some renovations AND the association is painting houses, so it’s crazy loud here today. Must be something in the air…

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