Gotta Love Weekday Day Games

The baseball fans back east, especially the Chicago Cubs fans, might not appreciate the weekday day game as much as us baseball lovers on the west coast do — they’re a much more frequent occurrence out there than they are around here. Today I attended the second of only three or four (pretty sure it’s just three) weekday day games at Angel Stadium. I got tickets to the game from a friend of mine, and appreciated them greatly. She had offered me tickets to the Angels first weekday day game, but I was unable to accept because I had a telephone meeting scheduled that never happened (grrrrr). When this opportunity became possibly available I was all over it.

Angels at home versus the Tampa Bay Rays — John Lackey pitching my Halos and Scott Kazmir pitching for the Rays, a good match-up. Home runs Gary Matthews Jr. and Vladimir Guerrero. Winning pitcher was Lackey and Rodriguez got his 27th save. Angels over the Rays 4 to 2 — a good day.

The thing I love about weekday day games is the sense of Ferris Buelleresque notion that I’m playing hookie and I’m sticking it to “the man.” Well, when you’re a freelance writer you’re only playing hookie from the scripts waiting to be typed, and it turns out that you’re your own “the man.” But, damnit… It’s so worth it — and needed sometimes.


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