Tom “Cruises” The Information Superhighway

Alright… Honestly, sometimes I feel that this blog — what I do here — is a bit self serving and a little indulgent. But not anymore. And, I’ve got Tom Cruise to thank for that. Tom has gone ahead and set up his own “official” web site — (natch). Sure, the internet may not have always been kind to Tom — chalk full of Scientology ramblings and talk show couch hopping. It’s not a bad looking site. I bet a lot of C-list celebrities that do the convention circuit would love to have a site like Tom’s. It’s got a nifty Tangerine Dream soundtrack that I’m playing in another browser tab while I type this post.

I’ve really got nothing against Tom. I’ve enjoyed plenty of movies over the last 25 years (Days of Thunder not withstanding) — but I haven’t seen something this masturbatory on the internet in a long time.

Even if I don’t update and post on my blog as frequently as I would like, I still bet I do so more than Tom — and that’ll help me feel a little less guilty.



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