Harvey Korman 1927 – 2008

“I just came in here for a drink… and I found a lot more.”Krelman

Comedic actor Harvey Korman will be remembered for many classic and hilarious roles, as well as his contributions to the art of comedy. There were his years on The Carol Burnett Show — in which he won four Emmys and a Golden Globe. His most memorable role may be that of Hedley Lamarr from Mel Brook’s Blazing Saddles in 1974. Also, he and fellow Burnett Show alumni made a classic comedy team that will be remembered for the ages.

But, who was Krelman? The character was one of the roles that Korman played in the 1978 made-for-television Star Wars Holiday Special. Many might not remember his contribution to the Star Wars legacy — and there are many that don’t want to remember. (Yes, I’m looking at you George. But, who can you blame? You let it happen.) But, when I was ten years old, I found it odd that not only was Maude (Bea Arthur) tending bar in the Star Wars universe, but the tall guy that always seemed to crack up during sketches I really didn’t get on The Carol Burnett Show was also hanging out at that cantina where Han Solo rightfully shot Greedo first.

It would be a couple of years later with the introduction of Mel Brooks movies on VHS and reruns of The Carol Burnett show that I would come to understand how funny this man was.


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