Nagging Pain Continues

The pinched nerve is still aggravating me. I’m working on powering through with it today in order to get some much needed script pages written. Typing doesn’t help. What originated in my left shoulder/neck region has spread down to about my left elbow and a couple fingers on my left hand are feeling a little numb/tingly.

Wait?! Left arm pain and/or numbness… Isn’t that a heart attack symptom?

So, powering through with some typing — and also doing some much needed housework here at the ranch. So the pain in my back pretty much occupies both shoulders now and stretches down about halfway — different than my usual lower back sprains that I seem to get every couple of years.

So, that’s about it. Without much back pain relief in sight I figured I’d cut lose with a little bitching therapy. My back doesn’t feel any better — but mentally I feel a tad bit gratified. Thanks for putting up with me.


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