Bill Lawrence Is My Hero

I like Bill Lawrence. Besides creating the animated Clone High and the sitcom Spin City, he created one of my all-time favorite TV shows — Scrubs. Now that it’s official that Scrubs is in fact leaving NBC for greener pastures over at ABC, Mr. Lawrence let loose with his thoughts regarding Scrubs‘ former network, as well as providing some insight to the future of Scrubs over at the new network — all via the Ausillo Scoop at He really lays it all out in regards to NBC’s treatment of the program after returning from the Writers’ Strike — “Total harsh buzz of not giving a shit about a show that had been on the network for seven years and made them millions of dollars.” (Note: I elected not to censor the quote.)

And, in other Scrubs news that I stumbled upon… The Ausliio Scoop (or Ausillo Report — I see that it is referred to as both) is reporting that three new interns will be joining Sacred Heart Hospital. The three newbies to suffer the wrath of Dr. Cox will be played by Betsy Beutler (The Black Donnellys), Eliza Coupe (I Think I Love My Wife) and Aziz Ansari (Human Giant).


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