Send In The Clone Wars

Alright, this borderline jaded fan of the original Star Wars trilogy (that would be Episode IV: A New Hope, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, and Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi, for you youngsters keeping score at home) is actually looking forward to the animated Star Wars: The Clone WarsEpisode II½, perhaps?

Now this theatrically released chapter of the Star Wars franchise — scheduled to hit theaters August 15th — is actually going to serve as the premiere of sorts to the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated television series that is scheduled to premiere this fall on both the Cartoon Network and TNT. The trailer of said “Episode II½,” will be making its own official premiere tonight — May 8, 2008 — on five (count’em, five) Turner networks…

At 7:58 p.m. in all U.S. time zones, Cartoon Network, TNT, TBS, CNN, and Boomerang will debut an action-packed, two-minute preview of the animated adventure from creator George Lucas and Lucasfilm Animation. It marks the first time a theatrical trailer has received a simultaneous, cross-network airing on Turner Networks. The trailer debuts in theaters on Friday, May 9, along with the first poster for the movie. (From

Now, I may have already seen a crappy foreign language version of said trailer on line — before it was yanked. And, I’m sure a nice clear and crisp version in oh-so-pretty Quicktime will be available on line some time tomorrow as well. But, if I happen to remember I’m going to try to catch the airing tonight. (Probably on TBS since I’m more likely to watch a 7:30 rerun of Everybody Loves Raymond before watching Lou Dobbs on CNN.)

But… This isn’t the Star Wars TV series that I’m looking forward to the most. In the immortal words of Yoda (from The Empire Strikes Back) — “There is another


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