Pimping Action, Ohio

Neil Kleid, fellow conspirator, co-creator, and co-writer of the upcoming dark Hollywood tale of starlets, pop stars, and heiresses has a new web comic debuting at Zuda this month. Along with artist Paul Salvi, Neil introduces us to Action, Ohio.

Action, Ohio is the story of Detective Andrea Bruce, a Detroit policewoman who doesn’t believe in heroes. But when a teenager dies stopping a fire with amazing abilities and the coroner suspects foul play, Andrea discovers a secret town of superheroes while tracking his killer. In the sixties, men responsible for the birth of Silver Age comic books found a town riddled with the fallout of the atomic age and invented fictional characters based on its residents to divert the world from their existence: If America thought super heroes were fictional beings, it wouldn’t go looking for them.

So follow Neil over to Action, Ohio and vote to see this web comic continue as a regular feature. For those of you that aren’t in the know, the web comic with the most votes in the monthly competition returns for a regular year-long run — which in turn, will help the Kleids diaper fun that will be needed come this fall.

Also, with Neil winning I won’t have to worry about competing with him when I finally get my Zuda entry together and on board.


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